Imlie 30th July 2021 Written Update : Imlie gets permission to meet the Minister

Imlie 30th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with some constables are beating students. Imlie gets injured. Rupy Nishant and Pallavi hold her. Imlie says she won’t go anywhere until she meets Minister. Nishant says this place is not safe for her anymore, Aditya will get worried for her. But Imlie doesn’t listen to Nishant. Dev and Malini arrive at that time and they get surprised seeing all the chaos. Dev tells Malini not to come out of the car. Jugnu asks Aditya why is crying for this simple girl.

Aditya replies she can do anything for him and she is his wife. Imlie tells everyone that she is fighting for her husband and won’t give up until her demand gets fulfilled. Minister tells Malini to call him uncle. Malini says she is really worried for Aditya. Guard tells Minister that some people are protesting outside for Aditya. They are uncontrollable. Minister says that’s good news, people are supporting Aditya. He says he will meet the leader of the protestors. Guard informs Imlie her hard work paid off. Minister wants to meet her.

Imlie goes inside. Malini introduces herself as Aditya’s wife but later she gets shocked seeing Imlie. Malini feels Aditya’s case has become national news, if media and ministers learn that Aditya has two wives they will develop wrong impression and will refuse to help Aditya. Malini thinks I can’t let Imlie reveal she is also Aditya’s wife. Minister recognise Imlie as she is the state topper. He praises her talent and says she is inspiration for many. Rupy tells Tripathis that they didn’t trust Imlie but her plan worked.

Jugnu talks to inspector and the latter tells show us proof that Aditya is alive. Jugnu says Aditya will talk to his wife. Aditya thinks he wants to talk to Imlie for one last time before anything happens to him.

Minister learns Aditya will talk to his wife and tells Malini about that. Malini and Imlie both tell him that they are Aditya’s wives. Minister says Imlie is just an activist, she can’t talk to Aditya. Imlie requests Malini to support her at this point. Malini ignores her and claims to be Aditya’s wife, she says give me the phone.

Aditya asks for Imlie and Malini says she is not with her. Aditya tells Malini to not leave Imlie’s side. Malini says we all are trying our best to save you. Dev stops Imlie from revealing anything. Minister asks Malini why Imlie is claiming to be Aditya’s wife. Malini says she only stays in Aditya’s house and respects him a lot. Later Imlie asks Malini what Aditya told her and why Malini lied to minister.

Malini shuts her up saying Aditya earned respect and became a respectful journalist, but if people learn that he got married for two times then noone will be ready to help him. Why Imlie takes decision in heat of the moment. She should think once before telling anything to others. Malini says minister knows I am legal wife of Aditya as he saw our wedding card that’s why I lied.

Imlie tells Rupy she will leave right now. Imlie says why I react without thinking about the consequences. Malini and Dev will handle everything. I should not interfere. Rupy tells her not to think about others but she should think about Aditya’s safety only. Aditya believes her and she saved him many times. Imlie decides to go to police station. Aditya feels why Malini talked to him when Imlie is his wife. He feels why Tripathis are not ready to accept Imlie when she is risking her life for him.

Precap – Imlie rebukes the officers for risking Aditya’s life. She says nothing should happen to her husband at any cost.

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