Imlie 30th May 2022 Written Update: Narmada tells Aryan to marry for the second time

Imlie 30th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aryan telling Imlie that they will always be there for each other. He talks to her and Jyoti comes. Jyoti says lunch is ready and Aryan tells Imlie to have lunch. Jyoti acts like she cares for Imlie and she gives her those supplements and tells her to take one after lunch everyday. Gudiya and Nila provoke Narmada saying now Imlie is free from the responsibilities of children and she even provoked Aryan against Narmada.

Narmada says she won’t let that happen. Jyoti comes to Narmada and calms her down saying she gave medicines to Imlie which will cure her problem and she will get pregnant very soon. Narmada says to her she cares for their family more than Imlie.

Nila and Gudiya get irked and they ask Jyoti why is she ruining their efforts and Jyoti replies she is trying to win everyone’s trust first and then she will take advantage of that. She hopes that Imlie will take that medicine and after that she will become infertile in real. Imlie is about to take the medicine but Aryan shows her a card.

The medicine falls down. He says they decided not to talk about kids but he feels they can adopt a kid from the orphanage. They needs caring parents, Imlie says she doesn’t know whether she will be able to take the responsibility but she won’t decide anything without discussing with Arpita and Narmada. Aryan goes to visit the orphanage with Imlie in order to take the orphanage under Arvind foundation.

The kids out there get scared seeing Imlie and she tells them a funny story and they enjoy her company. They ask her to play and dance with them. They call Imlie aunty and Aryan uncle. Aryan and Imlie laugh hearing that. He hugs her. Aryan makes the papers ready for the foundation work. There Jyoti tells Narmada that Imlie went somewhere with Aryan and Narmada blames Imlie saying she didn’t take the supplements for sure. She doesn’t care about their family’s happiness at all. Jyoti says Imlie wants to adopt kids which shocks Narmada.

Narmada goes to the orphanage with girls. She gets hyper and talks rubbish against Imlie and accuses her of provoking Aryan to adopt orphanage kids. She says only Aryan’s own child will be a part of their family not any unnamed kid. She calls Imlie selfish and says Aryan should marry any of these girls who can give him child. She doesn’t let Imlie speak.

Aryan shouts at her and says it was his idea to adopt a kid but Imlie wanted to take Narmada’s permission. Aryan says Narmada didn’t even let Imlie speak. He says they will name the foundation on Narmada. He tells Imlie they can’t adopt a child as he/she won’t get a lovable family from them. Imlie hugs him and gets emotional. Jyoti think why Imlie and Aryan get close to each other always even after all these plannings.

Imlie hesitates to share her pain with Meethi and Jyoti tells she will understand her pain. Imlie shares she feels she snatched the happiness of Fatherhood from Aryan and she is getting frustrated for that. Jyoti consoles her and gives her the supplements again and tells her to take it. She smirks.

Precap- Imlie faints while performing a ritual.

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