Imlie 30th November 2022 Written Update: Imlie and Arto help some kidnapped kids

Imlie 30th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie struggling to walk and Arto saves her from falling. He says why she lied to him that she is fine. She says they should not be late to reach Chini because of her problem. Arto says Imlie cares for everyone except herself. He lifts her up and makes her sit on a stone.

She stares at him and her mangalsutra gets stuck with his jacket. He tries to separate them and says he has to break the mangalsutra it seems. Imlie stops him saying mangalsutra is the sign of her and his marriage. She will protect it lifelong. Arto feels she can’t even see the mangalsutra broken then how would she deal with the news when he will break their marriage. Chini troubles the hospital staffs and locks herself inside a room. She scares other patients and the doctor informs Rudra about it.

Chini receives call from Kia and the latter says Chini’s luck is bad as she tried to call Imlie but Rudra stopped both Imlie and Arto in midway. Chini gets irked and cuts the call. Imlie and Arto try to go near a truck. Arto says he is there for her and holds her hand. Imlie prays for their togetherness always. Doctor asks the nurses to catch Chini forcibly. Chini seeks Anu’s help and tells them to send Imlie to her at the centre as Rudra stopped her. Anu agrees. Chini threatens to throw vase at the nurses and doctor. She tells them to stay away.

Imlie and Arto see that there is no driver in the truck. They hear crying voice of some children. They check and find some scared kidnapped kids. Imlie assures them that she will take them to their parents. Arto says before the kidnappers arrive they have to leave. Arto says there’s no phone signal. Kids hug Arto in fear and Imlie goes to drive the truck. She sits on the driver’s seat and searches for the network by changing position. She tries to call the police but those kidnappers arrive by that time. They hear some noise from inside and check on the kids. Arto hides seeing them.

One kidnapper fails to open the door of the driver’s seat. Imlie’s phone rings and she gets caught by the kidnappers. They pick sticks to check who is with the kids. Kids get afraid and tell him not to leave them alone. Arto says nothing will happen to them. He kicks away one of the kidnappers. Imlie is about to get shot but she starts the truck uttering Sita Maiya. Kids cheer Imlie up. Arto also cheers her up. Imlie stops the truck seeing a person sitting on a vehicle in front of them. Arto tells Imlie to go ahead and start driving. The other goon shoots the tyre of the truck and it gets punctured when Imlie starts driving.

Precap- Imlie has been asked to start the truck but she denies. Kids scream for help. Arto gets caught by the kidnappers.

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