Imlie 31st July 2021 Written Update : Imlie decides to find out Aditya’s whereabouts

Imlie 31st July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rupy asking inspector did they find out anything about Aditya’s whereabouts. Inspector says meeting is going on. Imlie tells Rupy, there must be some important meeting is going on regarding rescue operation. Rupy starts distracting the inspector and Imlie overhears the meeting conversation. She learns that they are not going to release Anand but Aditya will have to sacrifice his life for nation.

Inspector says they cant afford to lose Anand as he has vital information and Aditya is just a simple reporter. Another officer says Aditya will be shot dead if Anand doesn’t get released. Imlie gets shocked and unleashes her fury. She says Aditya’s life is not meaningless when he always cared for Nation and tried to bring changes in the society. They cant use him for the sake of Nation. Inspector tells her to get out.

Satyakam learns about Aditya’s kidnapping and he orders his men to gather informations about the terrorists. Meethi gets worried for Aditya and gets emotional. She says she wants to talk to Imlie. Satyakam calls in Tripathi house. Pankaj picks and tells Aparna about it.

Aparna talks to Meethi and says we dont want any interference of Imlie in Aditya’s life. She insults Imlie’s family. Meethi gets heartbroken and asks Satyakam how will Imlie stay in that house now Aditya is also in danger. Satyakam says he will manage everything.

Malini meets Kunal and the latter asks her why she wore mangalsutra and sindoor. Malini complaints about Imlie regarding her behaviour in Minister’s house. Malini says its about Aditya’s life and his reputation and thats why she met the Minister being Aditya’s wife so that he takes her words seriously. Kunal says Malini won’t get anything in return as Aditya won’t start loving her if she saves him. Malini tells Kunal to understand her situation and Kunal says it’s his fault he is being immature. He later says he will help Malini in this case.

Inspector comes to Tripathi house with Imlie and scolds Aparna and Pankaj for not restricting Imlie from going to police station. Inspector lies that Imlie was interfering in their investigation and Aditya’s life is in danger because of her. Aparna loses her calm and lashes out at Imlie and doesn’t let her speak. Aparna says if anything happens to Aditya she won’t forgive her.

Pankaj angrily says Imlie should understand a mother’s pain atleast. Rupy also attempts to talk what is the real plan of the officers but Pankaj shuts her up. Imlie says Aditya needs her help right now. Aparna drags Imlie with her and locks her in a room. She says she will throw Imlie out once Aditya will be back. Aparna warns Nishant and Rupy not to open the door.

Kunal talks about terrorists’ location. Malini hopes Imlie should not interfere in the investigation. Imlie thinks noone is believing her but she can’t stay quite. She recalls inspector was talking about Aditya’s whereabouts that he is in sector 4. Imlie goes outside through window and starts running in street. Imlie gets confused whether she should take help from Malini but she refrains herself and imagines Aditya who gives her courage to fight.

Tripathis criticise Imlie and underestimates her. Nishant gets a call and learns a rescue operation will happen for Aditya and he will be free. Pallavi goes to inform Imlie about it but Radha stops her. Rupy says Imlie always rescued Tripathis from problem. It’s her right to know what’s happening. Anu stops Malini from meeting Tripathis. Malini says she is going for moral support. Anu says Kunal was right, you are not ready to divorce Aditya that’s why you are going to meet his family.

Malini should have some self respect and Tripathis won’t value her if she keeps visiting Tripathi house. Anu adds Kunal has feelings for Malini and she requests Malini to forget Aditya. Truth is Aditya won’t accept her again. Malini says Anu only did all these and now she should not lecture her. She says she will divorce Aditya after he returns back. Malini leaves ignoring Anu’s concern for her.

Precap – Imlie meets Aditya and they stare at each other. Bomb blast starts and they get injured.

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