Imlie 31st May 2022 Written Update: Jyoti tries to kill Imlie

Imlie 31st May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie going to perform Vrat Savitri Puja. Narmada taunts Imlie saying the latter is acting to keep fast. Arpita says but why Gudiya is keeping fast, she is not married. Nila says Gudiya is keeping fast for Aryan for long but Imlie came between them. Imlie stops Arpita from reacting. She says if Gudiya wants to perform puja then they should let her do that. Imlie takes round of the tree while tying the thread around it. She feels dizzy and thinks what happened to her suddenly. Gudiya tells Nila that Jyoti has gone to office with Aryan and it seems she always wants to stay close to Aryan. Nila tells her not to think much.

Imlie suddenly faints and everyone gets shocked. A lady out there checks her pulse. Aryan self talks that Imlie is stupid that she is keeping fast for him, it was not needed. Jyoti gets jealous. They see jewels to select one for Imlie as a present. Jyoti says he gave her an earring in college days. Aryan ignores that saying Imlie doesn’t like jewels but he should gift her something special. Madhav comes in and informs him that he went for a sting operation with Imlie and it has been happening since two weeks. Jyoti tries to provoke Aryan saying why Imlie hid this from him.

Aryan says Imlie is intelligent and she did it for their channel’s profit only. He feels proud of her that she put Madhav’s name first before her on this report. Jyoti thinks he is drunk and can’t see what Imlie might do in his absence. The lady tells everyone at temple that Imlie is pregnant where Nila talks against Imlie and says she is infertile, nothing happened to her. That lady replies she is experienced and handled many pregnant mothers. They can talk to a doctor.

Narmada gets overjoyed but Imlie says they won’t tell this to Aryan this soon. Arpita takes Imlie to the doctor and reports say that she is finally pregnant. Rathores celebrate the moment and Narmada says she made a huge mistake by doubting Imlie, she apologises to Imlie and the latter gives the good news Jyoti. Jyoti gets furious and learns Imlie didn’t take the supplement yet due to fast. Later Imlie thanks Sita Maiya for the blessing. Aryan comes home and Narmada controls her happiness. Arpita covers it up saying Narmada is laughing because of a funny joke.

Imlie dances out of happiness and then Aryan goes towards with the gift for her. She says she has something more special to give him. Imlie gets a gas smell from the kitchen and notices the gas pipe is broken. Before she could do something Jyoti sets the kitchen on fire.

Aryan saves Imlie and he gets injured instead. Narmada stops Imlie from going to the kitchen for her safety. But Imlie still goes and saves him from the fire. Aryan recalls he wanted to make Imlie the executive reporter of Bhaskar Times and it was the gift from his side as she doesn’t like jewels like other girls. Jyoti gets shocked.

Precap- Imlie tells Aryan she is pregnant. Aryan learns he can’t be a father.

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