Imlie 31st October 2022 Written Update: Rupy angers Chini by taking away the cash

Imlie 31st October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Atharv saying the bad omen has occurred already, then whats left. Imlie feels hurt hearing that. Atharv says he meant the rituals. Imlie notices black color on his palm and removes it saying this is the reason why the milk turned dark. Arto gets surprised. Devika says Imlie rectified his mistake. Imlie wins the game and finds the ring before Arto. Everyone tells Arto to play well, Arto leaves in disgust and says Rudra stops him. He says Arto should respect the rituals atleast.

Arto says why he has to follow him everytime. Kia tells Akash that Arto is already upset and soon they will take his property using his argument with Imlie. Arto still plays two rounds of the game with Imlie. Arto wins in second round and the third round they both win together. Everyone says both will run their marriage successfully.

Arto shuts everyone and leaves. Shivani tells Devika what if they made a huge mistake by getting Arto married to Imlie. Rana’s think Arto is excited for his first night maybe. Chini comes home excitedly and says Imlie is finally gone and now she can live freely in her room. She talks about removing Imlie’s stuffs from her room and also bitter gourd won’t be cooked anymore, which was Imlie’s favourite.

Rupy scolds Chini for her insensitive behaviour and for not getting sad over Imlie’s Vidaai. Chini says she didn’t leave this world so why would she cry? Rupy tries to slap her but stops. Chini starts her emotional drama saying she can’t cry as Imlie wont be there to wipe her tears. She controlled her tears to make her believe they will be happy in her absence too. Chini leaves crying. The ladies of Rana’s show Arto’s favourite place in the house to Imlie. Imlie gets happy to see that, Arto comes there tells them to leave. Imlie feels shy when Atharv comes close to her. He keeps hand on her shoulder. He tells her to move aside. She says she assumed something different and smiles.

Chini starts laughing after crying. Anu says she proved today she is Malini’s daughter. Anu says Chini can come to stay at her house. They plan to count the money Chini got but the latter doesn’t find it in the closet. Rupy comes and says she gave the bag to Sundar. She tells Chini to have some shame as the money belongs to Imlie not to her. She says the money is sent to Imlie’s house. Chini messes up her room in anger and says she has had enough and she can’t take it anymore. She says she will turn Imlie’s first night into nightmare as she has no option left. Anu tries to stop her.

Imlie is waiting for Arto in room. Arto gets Chini’s text who is sitting in car in bridal dress. Arto says he cant stare at Imlie. He is about to meet Chini but Rudra Devika stop him. Arto says he cant even go out without his permission now. Rudra advises him to give time to Imlie, Arto says he can never understand his situation. Rudra says Arto can’t play with Imlie’s life.

Arto says Rudra should give this advise to himself as there is one more girl like Imlie. Rudra says Arto can’t hear Chini’s truth so it would be better he spends time with Imlie. Atharv is surprised to hear that. Imlie practices how start conversation with Arto. She feels nervous and goes to check why he is not coming yet. She opens the door and he comes in. She falls on him by mistake. They share an eye lock.

Episode ends

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