Imlie 3rd August 2022 Written Update: Aryan asks Imlie to sign an apology letter

Imlie 3rd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie telling Chini that they don’t have a father but Satyakam fulfilled the duty of a father to them. They dont need a father’s name. Imlie explains how a father can be like. What will be his nature etc. It reminds Chini of Aryan and she says Aryan has done all the things for her which a father does. Imlie tells her not to take Aryan’s name as he is noone to them.

Chini notices Aryan has arrived with some food. She goes to hug him saying her hero has come. Imlie tells her to come back. She asks Aryan what he is doing here? He says he came here to meet Chini. Imlie says she is doing well and is with her dear ones. Aryan asks who is Chini as who is her father? He controls his anger and Meethi replies Chini is their relative’s daughter whose parents didn’t take her responsibilities so they did.

Aryan takes blessings of Meethi and the latter asks him to have food as he is their guest.  He can’t leave without having food. Imlie questions Meethi in private that why she told Aryan to stay back. Meethi says Aryan cares for Chini and why Imlie didnt tell him about Chini’s father. Imlie says Aryan didnt even call her or Meethi once to know how are they in these five years then why would they care about his feelings?

They don’t want to get attached to him. She says if she reveals Chini’s father’s name and then his love will turn into hatred and he will start blaming Chini for Cheeku’s death which he did years ago. Chini doesn’t deserve hatred. Meethi says Imlie didn’t call Aryan too but she still cries for him and misses him. It can be same for Aryan, he loves her so he came here. Imlie is not convinced and she leaves.

Nila calls a priest to Rathore Mansion for Shanti Path and Arpita taunts her saying she should become a event planner as she arranged kitty party with Anu last time. Preeta brings horoscope of Aryan and Arpita says it means Nila wants to plan for Aryan’s wedding now. Nila says she wants to know why Aryan is facing issues in his life. She tells the priest to check horoscope properly. Malini and Anu also arrive.

Anu says Malini is helping Rathores a lot. Arpita taunts her and Malini says they came here to know about Narmada’s health. Narmada tells them to attend the puja. Malini worries that Aryan should not be with Imlie in the village at any cost. Aryan talks to Chini and the latter says she knows Aryan and Imlie both are hungry. She reveals they both ate the laddoos so now they are friends. Imlie and Aryan say that they are not friends.

Imlie and Aryan bump into each other while trying to sit and they start an argument. Chini enjoys watching that and  Imlie asks him what his real motive of coming here. He only knows how to destroy people, he won’t feel relieved without seeing her destruction. He says she also wants to destroy Bhaskar Times. He shows her an apology letter and tells her to sign it but she says she won’t do that as she is not wrong in her place. She will not prove her innocence everytime in front of him.

Aryan says she always does that and her truth is important for her more others’ suffering and pain. She doesn’t care what he must be going through. She says she only supports the right thing. The light goes off and he turns on the lighter. Imlie burns the apology letter in front of him and leaves saying this is her answer to his request.

Aryan tells Imlie that it means she won’t stop troubling him and she will make him suffer. She says she will not sign any paper. He says she should not play with fire, she replies she is herself fire and he can’t defeat her.

Precap- Imlie tells Aryan that she can’t take risk with the children of Pagdandiya. She cant listen to Aryan. Aryan says but now Police will take decision for her. She will be punished. Police arrests Imlie which shocks her.