Imlie 3rd November 2022 Written Update: Shivani calls Imlie a bad omen

Imlie 3rd November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with cops coming to hospital with Jatin. Chini gets scared seeing that. She thinks he might expose her. She says Jatin is innocent, he was with her sometimes ago. He is her friend. Imlie says they know Jatin, he can’t do something like this. They can check the CCTV footage. Cops tell them that the CCTV is not working in accident area. They will inform if they get to know anything. Chini goes to Jatin, the latter mocks her saying love starts from friendship. Imlie notices them.

Rudra gets upset thinking he scolded Arto and didn’t think what Arto might be feeling. He is in this condition because of him. Sundar gives support to Rudra and consoles him. Divya says everyone is blaming other things but it’s happening because of Imlie’s jinx. She is Arto’s wife thus he is in this state.

Devika asks her to not say like that. Shivani supports Divya saying she is not wrong but Atharv was not happy with Imlie’s presence and he fought with his family and now fighting to live. Imlie speaks up for herself that she is not a bad omen for Arto but he accepted her as his wife. Shivani says she should stay in limits and sit silently instead of arguing. Shivani adds if it’s true Imlie is the reason of Atharv’s health deterioration then she won’t tolerate Imlie near him.

Firing happened on his wedding which never happened before. Imlie says that was in the destiny and they were Rana’s guests. Shivani says now Imlie wants to blame her in laws and her husband for everything. Imlie cries and tries to make her understand she is not at fault and she even took Arto to hospital. Devika says Imlie is handling everything alone, they should appreciate her. Shivani says she didn’t do any favour on them. She throws Imlie out of the hospital.

Kia tells Akash that they didn’t have to do anything but Imlie lost everyone’s respect. Jatin says Imlie is really stupid so she trusted him easily, Chini asks him what does she want? He says money. Kia goes to OT and thinks she will put another blame on Imlie so that they can get Arto’s property easily. She turns off the vitals machines and leaves.

Jatin demands one lakh from Chini and the latter says she will transfer him later. Imlie tells Shivani that the latter can’t separate Arto and her. Her mother and God’s support are with her. Shivani tells everyone. Imlie is ill-fated and she can’t get close to Atharv. Imlie cries and her family thinks Shivani shouldn’t have taunted Imlie like that. Chini says they should take Imlie home, her in laws are rude to her. Chini talks rudely with Shivani and insults her for misbehaving with Imlie.

Shivani says Chini and Imlie’s upbringing is bad. Imlie stops their fight and pleads Shivani to let her meet Arto. Shivani tells her not to argue, she mistakenly touches Imlie’s mangalsutra and the latter gets afraid thinking about Arto. Rudra scolds his family for not stopping Shivani from throwing out Imlie. Devika tells him to bring back Imlie. Imlie rushes to Arto and goes inside the OT. She asks him what happened to him. He can’t breathe, Ranas can’t enter the OT due to the doors blocked. Kia tells Akash she did that to stop Imlie from spoiling her plan. Imlie asks for help and feels helpless.

Episode ends

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