Imlie 3rd September 2021 Written Update : Imlie finds Aditya

Imlie 3rd September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie screaming Babusaheb and runs towards the edge of the cliff. She finds Aditya’s sandal and again screams. She jumps into the water. Tripathis are seen praying and Aparna makes kheer. Imlie comes out of water. Anu watches news and reporter says Satyakam killed famous journalist Aditya. His dead body isn’t found yet. Sundar turns off the TV. Anu insults him for turning off the TV. Sundar says Tripathis don’t watch TV while having food. It’s this house’s rule. Pankaj asks Aparna the kheer is made or not. Meethi consoles Aparna saying she should not lose hope, Imlie and Aditya will be back soon.

Imlie rushes to find Aditya and sees him in unconscious state. Imlie hugs him and tries to hear his hear beat. She rubs his hand and gives him CPR. She cries and tells him to get up. Aditya coughs and gains consciousness. Imlie assures Aditya she is here for him. She kisses on his forehead. A snake bites Imlie’s foot and Imlie gets shocked. Imlie hides her pain and tells Aditya to be strong. Aditya breaks down. Imlie starts cycling and Aditya sits in back seat holding her. Imlie talks to him while cycling.

Aparna says she made the kheer but Aditya is not back yet. When will he come. She hugs Pankaj and cries. Imlie calls Ma. Tripathis get shocked to hear that and they go outside. Imlie holds Aditya and they fall down together. They faint. Aparna tells Aditya to get up. Tripathis call the ambulance and take Aditya and Imlie to the hospital.

Meethi notices the snake bite on Imlie’s foot. Rupy tells Meethi to sit for sometime. Dulari is crying and Meethi also cries hugging her. Rupy consoles them. Doctor informs Tripathis that Aditya and Imlie are out of danger now. They get relieved. Meethi and Dulari take care of Imlie. Aparna takes care of Aditya.

After five days Malini goes to make turmeric milk for Aditya as he will regain consciousness soon. Dulari tells Malini to make one glass for Imlie too. Malini calls her mannerless. Dulari says she knows Imlie will first gain consciousness. Meethi taunts Malini saying she is already worried but what will happen to her when Aditya will learn she is involved in this incident. He is in this condition because of her. Malini says wheres the proof? She tells that Meethi should be scared as her husband shot Aditya. Sundar informs that Aditya got his senses back. Malini taunts Dulari saying she lost the challenge as Imlie is still unconscious. She will lose like this all the time.

Precap – Imlie and Aditya hug each other. They get emotional. Aditya sees Satyakam and goes to him.

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