Imlie 4th November 2022 Written Update: Devika asks Atharv to see Imlie’s worth

Imlie 4th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie trying to figure out what she can do to save Atharv. She tries to start the machines which were turned off. The machines start working and Imlie feels happy. Rudra tries to tell her not to lose hope, they are coming. Imlie says she will overcome her fear and do everything to save her husband.

Doctor comes and talks to her over phone. He asks whether she is sure she can do what he will say? She says yes and he tells her not push an injection to Arto. Kia says Imlie cant even talk properly how would she handle such an medical emergency. Rudra tells them to keep quiet. Imlie tries to push the injection following the instructions, the door gets opened after some time and they all get inside. Doctor checks Atharv and says he is in stable condition now.

Rupy tells Chini that no matter how much she tries but Imlie will make things right everytime. Devika and Rudra thank Imlie for saving Arto’s life. Devika says she can never be a jinx for them but she is a saviour. Rudra also tells Shivani to understand Imlie’s value. Divya says but Arto is in this state because of Imlie, that can’t be forgotten.

She leaves. Imlie goes to Atharv and he says she stays in his heart and he didn’t want to hurt her. He sees Chini near the door and expresses his feelings for her. Imlie assumes he is showing love to her. Later she sees Chini and the latter comes in. Imlie says she won’t let that culprit get away with it easily.

Shivani says she feels sad for Arto, he reached hospital immediately after wedding. Devika says Imlie couldn’t even perform the post wedding rituals properly and now taking care of Atharv. Divya says it’s because of the bad omen. Imlie comes downstairs and says she is ready to go to kitchen to make the first dish after marriage. Rudra gets happy and Kia thinks she won’t let Imlie become MasterChef as she already got enough praises. Chini talks to Jatin that she transferred the money to him. She tells him to delete the footages before police gets it.

Atharv calls Chini and asks her why she is not answering his calls. She starts her drama that she is talking to his GS as they only know about their true love. He gets delighted to know that she loves him a lot. Devika comes to him and Arto praises Chini, Devika explains how Arto can’t see Imlie’s efforts for him. She took him to the hospital and felt he is in risk when noone felt that. Devika tells him to open his eyes and see the reality. Imlie is now making food for him without taking rest.

Shivani tells Imlie to make Daal, roti for Atharv as he can’t eat oily food. Imlie says she recalled halwa recipe. She calls Sundar and asks for his help to make the food. Sundar encourages her saying she can do it as Pagdandiya’s blessings is with her. Imlie prepares the moti roti, Kia thinks she wanted to ruin the food but it’s already ruined. Rathores worry thinking Imlie might fail to make good moti rotis and her in laws will criticise her. Chini says Arto eats continental, he won’t like moti roti. Atharv says he will drink juice not food, Devika tells him to taste atleast. He sees the roti and asks what is it? Imlie gets offended.

Episode ends

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