Imlie 4th September 2021 Written Update : Satyakam reveals the truth to Imlie

Imlie 4th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aditya gaining consciousness and Nishant calls everyone. Aparna comes and gets happy seeing Aditya. Aditya says their love and blessings were with him thus he got saved. Aparna feeds Kheer to Aditya and he says God too didn’t want him to die before having the kheer. Aparna tells him not to utter such words. Aditya asks about Imlie. Imlie takes rest and Satyakam touches her forehead. He asks her how is she now. Imlie gets shocked seeing him and gets up. She says why did you come here. Satyakam says he wanted to explain things to her and Meethi so he somehow managed to come here.

Imlie says she doesn’t want to hear anything as what Satyakam did is unforgivable. How can he forget Aditya is her husband, Aditya did a lot for him, saved him from wrong accusations. But Satyakam didn’t even give him one chance to speak. Imlie tells Satyakam to leave before she calls everyone here. Satyakam is about to reveal about Malini’s phone call but Imlie is not ready to listen to him.

Aparna tells Aditya that he is in this condition because of Imlie’s dadda killer Satyakam. Aditya says Imlie should not be blamed for Satyakam’s act. She risked her life to save him. Aditya gets up and feels dizzy. He says he wants to meet Imlie right now. Aparna tries to stop him and tells him to take rest but Aditya leaves. Imlie also leaves her room to see Aditya. They look at each other and hug each other. They share an emotional moment.

Aditya notices Satyakam and goes towards him. He asks Satyakam you have come to complete your unfinished work? Then do that. Tripathis get shocked seeing Satyakam. Aditya tells Satyakam to kill him in front of his family. Aparna says to Satyakam what do you want? Money? Then take it and leave Aditya alone. Satyakam says he can feel Aparna’s pain. Aditya says then give my mother one chance to kill you. You hurt her a lot by shooting me. Satyakam says he will accept all kind of punishment but they should give him one chance to tell the truth.

Aditya says Satyakam also didn’t give him chance to explain anything. He just shot him. Then why will he give chance to Satyakam now. Satyakam says someone called him but Imlie interrupts and tells him to stop. Meethi says let Satyakam tell the whole thing. Malini gets scared thinking she might get exposed. Police arrives and Aditya says Satyakam will be arrested for his deed. Satyakam says the criminal also gets one opportunity to explain things. Imlie asks Aditya can she talk to Satyakam once. Radha says its their plan. Satyakam will run away. He says he won’t.

Imlie requests Aditya and then she takes Satyakam to room. She asks him why he thought Aditya is wrong. Satyakam says someone called him and told him Aditya is cheating on Imlie and wants Malini back. Imlie says Satyakam is trapped now and he shouldn’t have doubted Aditya. Inspector tells Imlie that they have arrest warrant for Satyakam.

Imlie says whoever is involved with Satyakam will get punished for sure. Imlie comes out and tells Satyakam is not here. Inspector says if Imlie helped Satyakam run away then she will get arrested too. Inspector says we didn’t expect this from you all. They leave to catch Satyakam.

Malini questions Imlie why she did that. Satyakam is a dangerous person and he tried to kill Aditya but she chose her family over Aditya. Satyakam will again try to harm someone in this family. Imlie looks on. Aparna says Imlie’s whole family is a criminal. Aditya asks Imlie why she helped Satyakam when her life was also in danger because of him. Aditya says why Imlie lied to him that she will only talk to Satyakam. Imlie says she knows where is Satyakam but she will tell about him on one condition.

Aditya asks what condition? Imlie says Malini will also go to Jail with Satyakam. Imlie reveals the truth that Malini called Satyakam and said Aditya still loves her and cheating on Imlie so Satyakam didn’t control his anger specially after what happened to Meethi. Aditya says but that doesn’t mean Satyakam will not give him chance to explain anything. Malini asks Imlie what do you want to say that I still love Aditya. Yes that’s true I love Aditya a lot. Aditya gets shocked.

Precap – Malini mocks Imlie saying you lost again. Imlie says Aditya loves her only. Malini won’t get him. Malini says Imlie will be out of the house soon. Imlie says that will be Malini not she.

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