Imlie 5th January 2021 Written Update: Imlie gets down with fever

Imlie 5th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Aditya noticed Imlie sleeping outside of his room and he blames her for sleeping there purposely just to create problems and gain attention from it. Malini goes out and checks Imlie and gets concerned to see her in that state. She asks her if she is alright and asks her to stand up and she says she is fine and asks Imlie to come inside the room. Aditya asks Malini how can she sleep here at night in this room? He drags Malini inside the house and asks what are you doing?

Malini says to him the person who talks to me with so much respect and honour fails to give required respect to this girl. She says Imlie is a part of the family and her family members also let her come with you. You agree or not she is your responsibility and that’s why you should take care of her. She needs the shawl right now more than me and it doesn’t matter if it is a wedding gift from your side! She asks him to behave rationally with Imlie and he recalls Meethis words for Imlie while sending her with him and he says sorry.

Imlie gets to hear their conversation and she gets up and keeps the shawl aside and goes to another place to sleep. In the morning, Sundar is making tea for all and also the breakfast and Nidhi comes and asks about Imlie but he says she must be sleeping till now and she finds it odd. After sometime, they find out Imlie from outside and she is already suffering from fever. Rupali arranges a grand breakfast table for Aditya and Malini and he is enjoying it and asks will we get it everyday?

Malini says thank you to Rupi when Nidhi comes there and asks Rupi di if she has a thermometer as Imlie is suffering from fever and they need to measure it. All of them rushed out to chek Imlie when Aditya notices the shawl is kept on table and he wonders why don’t Imlie used it at night? They made her sleep on couch and finds out that she is suffering from 104 degree fever. They immediately rushed her to the hospital and the doctor says they need O negative blood for her as she got some infection.

Anu calls and the landline number of Aditya and got to know from Sundar that all of them are in hospital and she gets awarded without listening to the full information. Malini says to them not to get worried and asks the doctor if she can donate the blood as she is O negative. She donates the blood for Imlie while Anu gets more suspicious about the actual identity of Imlie because coincidentally the blood group of Malini, Dev and Imlie are the same.

Later Imlie comes back in sense and thanks the entire family members for taking care of her like their own child. This is that they value her a lot and one shouldn’t say thank you to their own family members. Malini says to imply that she always wanted a small sister for herself but never got it. However, from today she is going to be the elder sister of Imlie. Imlie smiles innocently and agrees while Aditya is much approved of this increasing closeness between Malini and Imlie.

Precap – Imlie goes missing from hospital and Malini gets worried for her.

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