Imlie 5th June 2021 Written Update : Malini promises Aditya and Imlie to introduce Kunal to them

Imlie 5th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Aparna getting upset over the fact that Malini is having affair. She tells everyone. Imlie says Malini is just kidding , Malini again lies to everyone that she loves someone else and problems occurred between her and Aditya’s marriage because of that only. Imlie tries to interfere but Malini stops her from doing so. Imlie says then bring that person whom you love. Where is he? Aparna tells Malini that she thought of welcoming Malini in the house but she broke her heart. Pankaj asks Aditya why he didn’t tell about this to Tripathis. Aparna asks Aditya why he did so?

Aditya tells Malini why she did that. Why she told about Kunal to family and now they are misunderstanding her but the truth is different, family should know about Aditya and Imlie’s marriage first but Malini has made the things more complicated now. Aditya forces Malini to tell the truth to family. Malini reveals she didnt confess anything knowingly but Aparna overheard their conversation and got to know about her affair with Kunal. Now Aditya should not take any decision impulsively. It can affect Imlie. She adds Aditya should have told the truth much earlier, then three of them wouldn’t have faced this kind of situation. Today she couldnt hide the truth. Aditya says he doesn’t want his family to develop wrong impression about Malini. He says he is tired of convincing Imlie to tell the truth but she wants to meet Kunal first.

Malini says what if Tripathis refuse to accept Imlie, Aditya replies then they will leave the house. He won’t leave Imlie’s side ever. Imlie comes and says she wants Malini to settle down first, Malini should introduce Kunal to her. Malini gets shocked and agrees after Aditya also supports Imlie saying he is also worried for Malini.

Tripathis ask why Malini did that, Anu and Dev have idea about this or not. Imlie says Malini is simply lying. Nishant says he will talk to Aditya and Malini again. Rupy says Aditya and Malini are better without each other, they should not forcefully bring them together. Nishant asks Rupy does she know something which they don’t know. Rupy recalls Imlie’s confession. Aparna says she saw love in Malini’s eyes for Aditya.

Aditya insists Imlie to wear the ring Malini gave her. Imlie refuses to take it saying Aditya still considers Malini his friend so he can keep it. Imlie says she will make her own place in Aditya’s life. Aditya says Malini will bring Kunal in court. Malini worries now how she will bring fake Kunal else her lie will get exposed and Aditya Imlie won’t accept each other.

Malini tells the lawyer to proceed further as they don’t want any delay. Lawyer criticises Malini as she is not feeling shame to talk about her lover. Aditya takes stand for Malini saying he is not judge, he should pass judgments towards Malini, he already revealed about client’s personal life to her family which he shouldn’t. Malini tries to calm Aditya down saying lawyer Desai is like her family. She didn’t mind that much.

Imlie waits for Kunal. Later she saw a person holding lots of files. They start talking to each other. Imlie asks his name and misunderstands him that he is just a Peon. The latter teases Imlie saying his boss his so handsome and he got many awards too. Imlie looks at them surprisingly. She laughs looking at lawyer’s picture, she says why he is keeping Peon’s picture. Later she gets shocked to see she mistook lawyer KC as Peon. KC wears his coat.

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Precap- Malini says KC is her boyfriend Kunal. KC gets happy to meet Aditya and reveals he is big fan of his news articles. Aditya talks about Malini and KC says who is Malini?

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