Imlie 6th August 2022 Written Update: Malini plans to frame Imlie

Imlie 6th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Malini checking the deal papers and says Aryan used a brilliant idea so their own company doesn’t suffer a loss for this news company. Aryan says Malini will never think like him. She tells him to go back to Delhi as the paperwork is done. Aryan says he won’t leave until he gets Imlie’s sign on the apology letter. Malini says this news company belongs to him now and he can publish any kind of apology articles on paper. She will send court notice to Imlie and the latter will never stop apologising to Aryan for burning the apology letter.

Aryan tells Malini not to interfere in his personal matter. He will handle on his own. Malini thinks she very well knows Aryan is here as he loves Imlie but he is covering it up with smart lines. Aryan hears Imlie’s song and goes out to check. Imlie applies cow dung on the wall and says she doesn’t have work to do but being Aryan’s employee she is doing this. She annoys Aryan by showing that. Aryan holds her hand tightly saying she is doing it knowingly..

Imlie says she is exactly doing the same but he can’t stop her. He gives a task to her saying now she will do that instead of a junior. She agrees saying she always does her work sincerely. Malini sees them and feels she will make sure this hatred never goes away between them. Chini brings laddoos with Meethi and says she is not in the mood to share with other school kids. But she notices Aryan’s car and goes to the office. Malini asks her what she is doing here? Chini taunts her but recalls Imlie said she will behave polietly with Malini. She gives Malini a laddoo saying Imlie made this and Malini should forget their differences. Malini puts the laddoo in the dustbin and Chini gets angry. She says Malini will always be lonely and noone will ever become her friend. Malini tells her to show manners. She asks her to apologise but Chini ignores her.

Chini meets Aryan and gives him one laddoo to eat. She invites him to attend her speech competition in school. He agrees after she insists him. Imlie reaches school to record the function. She thinks Aryan doesn’t know which assignment he gave her. She would love to do it. She bumps into two men and they get inside with a box and look nervous. Imlie gets a bad smell. She gets shocked seeing Aryan visited the school with Chini. She asks him what he is doing here. He asks her the same. Chini signals Imlie to talk nicely with Aryan.

Imlie talks to Aryan with a fake smile. Aryan says why she is here without completing her task. She says he gave her this task only that is to record school function. He asks why she is behaving sweetly. Is she trying to gain his sympathy? Imlie controls her anger saying she doesn’t want that. She won’t do anything for him. He says she never did. Chini invited him here so he came. Imlie says they have to tolerate each other for her. Aryan, Meethi and Imlie wish best of luck to Chini before the speech. Meethi asks Aryan to one laddoo from the box. Imlie says she didn’t make it for uninvited guests. Aryan says it doesn’t taste that good, he already ate one. He eats another one saying Imlie should add more sweet in it from next time. Imlie goes to keep the laddoo container in a room and gets the bad smell again and wonders where it came from.

Those men tell her to leave rudely. They discuss that the brought leftover smelly laddoos for kids. Malini hears that and says they have to do something for her and she won’t expose them in return. Imlie records the function in the camera and Aryan tells her to sign the apology letter again and if she does that she will get to sit in the front row and enjoy watching Chini’s speech. Imlie says her biggest mistake is him and she writes “happy bailbuddhi dibas” on the paper. Aryan gets angry reading that.

Precap- Imlie tells Aryan that she can’t take risk with the children of Pagdandiya. She cant listen to Aryan. Aryan says but now Police will take decision for her. She will be punished. Police arrests Imlie which shocks her.