Imlie 6th November 2022 Written Update: Chini spikes Arto’s drink

Imlie 6th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie feeding Prasad to Arto. Chini gets jealous, Divya also calls it a bad omen. Shivani says noone can see the bad omen what they can see. Arto says Imlie didn’t drop the Prasad but she saved it from falling. They should not judge her. Kia says Imlie’s effect on Arto is quite visible. He even scolded Shivani for her. Chini sits near Rudra and the latter asks her he already bribed her to stay away from Arto and Imlie then why she came here again. He asks Chini to keep smiling else anyone can doubt them.

Chini says that amount was too less for her, she could have married Arto even after that, but she didn’t thinking about Rudra. Rudra says she has to stop chasing one day as Imlie is Arto’s shield. Chini smiles saying Arto is already in love with her so there’s no chance. Rudra smiles saying Chini didn’t how Arto and Imlie were defending each other at the party. It was obvious they care for each other. He leaves and Chini gets irked.

Guests praise Imlie and Atharv’s pair. Chini pulls Arto closer, the latter tells her to maintain a distance anyone can see them. Chini says why he is saying her dialogue. She acts like she is jealous seeing his care for Imlie. He took stand for her. Arto says he only said the right thing, he never knew his family can believe in superstition. He supports what is right. If Chini can’t trust his love for her then he will inform everyone about that. Chini stops him and hugs him. She diverts the topic saying she fears that her luck is bad and something bad can happen so they should not take the risk now. Arto thinks he will surprise Chini to make her happy.

Arto dedicates Jab Tak Mere Naam Tu song for Chini. He dances with Imlie and then he changes his partner and dances with Chini. Kia taunts Imlie saying that Arto looks so comfortable with Chini and seems like they are husband and wife. Imlie says if her two loved ones can look happy together then she will also be happy. She doesn’t want to think bad. Kia feels Imlie’s trust for people is disgusting. Chini signals a waiter to spike Arto’s drink, Imlie takes both the glasses and gives one glass to Chini and another she drinks. Chini gets afraid thinking which one is Arto’s drink.

Imlie feels dizzy and sees everything moving. Arto also reaches her and they talk to each other in intoxicated state. They laugh talking about weird things. Arto is about to fall and Imlie holds him in her arms. They look at each other and Arto says she took him to hospital, she defended him and supported his music but then how can she do such a wrong thing, he sometimes can’t believe that. Imlie asks him what did she do? He goes to his room and Chini closes the door. She says she won’t let Imlie or Rudra win this time.

Chini tries to get close to Arto. Arto mistakes her to be Imlie and says he hates her. Chini tries to convince him saying she is Chini not Imlie but Arto says he always feels she is not a good person but somewhere in his mind he doubts that. He tells Imlie to stay away and Chini thinks how to make him believe she is Chini not Imlie. She gets annoyed and he runs away from her. Imlie knocks on the door hearing his voice.

Precap- Arto looks at Imlie and thinks he doesn’t care how Imlie is but he is going to leave her during Pathphera. He will leave her in her maternal home and will come back alone

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