Imlie 6th September 2021 Written Update: Imlie and Aditya practice dance for Janmashtami

Imlie 6th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie telling Aditya that Malini is responsible for all these. She lied to Satyakam, Malini says to Imlie what do you mean that I called Satyakam to attack Aditya. Why will I have his number, when he is a bloody criminal. Imlie says Malini wants to snatch Aditya from her. Malini says she loves Aditya but as a friend only. Meethi tells everyone that she heard Malini and Anu’s conversation, Malini is planning to separate Aditya and Imlie.

Aditya asks Meethi if Malini instigates me some day against Imlie should I shoot Imlie without talking to her. Aditya says nothing can justify Satyakam’s act. He behaved like a goon and his real place is in jail. Imlie says she is not defending Satyakam but Malini is equally blameworthy. Aditya says he tolerated Satyakam’s torture because of Imlie but how long it will go on like this. Satyakam will keep attacking Aditya and Imlie will risk her life to save him, they can’t live like that.

Aditya says Imlie disappointed him a lot by helping Satyakam escape. Aditya feels dizzy and everyone holds him. Later Malini asks Imlie why the latter told the truth, she again lost. Imlie says Malini is responsible for all this still she is not guilty at all. Imlie says she will expose Malini soon and will throw her out. Malini says Imlie snatched Aditya from her and she will separate Imlie and Aditya very soon.

Aditya tries to take medicine and he recalls Imlie’s words. Pills fall down and Aditya calls Imlie but he thinks he can’t support Imlie this time. Imlie sits upset and thinks Aditya should not go in wrong direction. She will expose Malini. Tripathis drink tea and Harish informs that orphan kids will come to their house for Janmashtami. They decide to make preparations for them. Harish says he will become Krishna ji. Nishant says Aditya should be Krishna. Aparna says Aditya will be the Krishna and Malini will be his Radha. Imlie and Dulari join them. Pankaj says Imlie will be Aditya’s Radha.

Radha says Imlie ruins all the fun. Aditya and others argue over that and Aparna says they should make chits. Aditya will pick one chit and Radha will be chosen on that basis. Dulari tricks Aparna and Radha. She signals Pankaj and adds chits with Imlie’s name on it. Aditya picks Imlie’s chit and Aparna wonders how it happened. Dulari taunts them saying she knew their planning so she told Pankaj to add Imlie’s chits and flopped the plan. Malini gets irked.

Aditya is doing work and Imlie enters his room. She tells him to practice dance steps. Aditya first denies saying he is busy making stories. He taunts Imlie later he agress to practice dance with her. Imlie shows dance steps and Aditya feels pain in his hand. They get close while dancing. Malini notices them and Aditya asks her the steps are good or not. Malini says only its fine. She adds Rukmini is Krishna’s wife not Radha. Rukmini does everything for Krishna. Imlie says but people talk about Radha and Krishna always.

Precap – Imlie makes prasad for Janmashtami and Aparna says they have not enough time. They don’t need her too. Malini will dance with Aditya. Imlie gets upset.

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