Imlie 7th November 2022 Written Update: Arto taunts Imlie for doing favour on him

Imlie 7th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Atharv telling Chini to stay away. He assumes she is lmlie. Imlie thinks from outside he is calling her, she tries to go inside the room but it’s locked. She thinks she will have to fly to enter the room. Chini tries to make Arto drink water but he says he will have confusion etc and goes away. Imlie ties a curtain around her neck and climbs up the pipe to get inside Arto’s room. Chini says she can’t handle overdramatic drunk Arto, she leaves the room out of frustration and calls her hired waiter to take his phone. Arto tells Imlie she looks drunk. Imlie says she came here by climbing the pipe. Arto says she has gone mad which upsets the latter and she starts crying. She starts her bickering due to alcohol effect and Arto tells her to stop crying.

Chini feels why Imlie is so lucky that she wins the game. She thinks but she will ruin Imlie’s image in front of Rathods. She records Imlie and Arto’s video and leaves. Chini hears Meethi is praising Imlie and her mother. Chini says she is also Malini’s daughter, she sends the video to a guest and everyone sees Imlie in intoxicated state. Divya and Shivani start criticising Imlie’s upbringing and talks ill about her mother. Shivani says she said from the start Imlie is not suitable for Arto, Kia says she never touched alcohol after marriage but Imlie is drunk within two days of marriage.

Narmada loses her cool and she calls Imlie loudly. Imlie comes downstairs and falters. Narmada questions her and humiliates her for consuming alcohol and she even get angry at her existence. Arpita tries to stop Narmada from reacting. Shivani says Imlie couldn’t handle responsibilities properly and she failed in two days marriage. Imlie starts crying. Arto also comes and takes stand for Imlie, he says he is also drunk but noone is questioning him or giving him lectures on his upbringing or mannerism. They are not calling him bad omen etc then they are taunting Imlie just because she is a woman and a woman is not allowed to drink according to them.

Arto requests everyone to not judge Imlie, and let her live the way she wants. Noone should control women’s lives and they should stop judging them for small things. He asks Narmada how can she question Imlie’s existence. Imlie gets impressed seeing his act. Chini thinks her plan flopped. Rudra says he doesn’t want to blame Imlie, but he will punish Arto and Imlie both if they repeat this mistake again.

Imlie brings smoothie for Arto, and shows concern for him. He says he doesn’t need her favour as he knows whats her reality. He says she wants to act like a perfect daughter in law so she can do it in front of all but not in front of him. He hates double faced people. Imlie says she doesn’t lie neither she drinks alcohol. She only drank water from his glass but it turned out to be alcohol. She also hates two faced people. She leaves upset and Arto thinks Imlie is not wrong it seems but then who spiked his drink?

Episode ends

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