Imlie 7th September 2021 Written Update : Aditya wants to live a peaceful life with Imlie

Imlie 7th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Malini saying Rukmini is Krishna’s wife and she does everything for Krishna. Imlie says but people always talk about Radha and Krishna. Malini says but Rukmini will be Krishna’s wife. She compares herself with Rukmini and leaves. Aditya says he doesn’t want to practice now. Imlie says nowadays their thinking don’t match at all.

Meethi gives prasad to house helps. Anu asks her what she is doing. Meethi replies Imlie and Aditya will perform today so she is very happy. Anu is about to throw away the prasad but Dev stops her saying atleast respect God. Dev tells Meethi to go by car. He taunts Anu and the latter calls Malini to execute her plan.

Malini meets Aparna and says she didn’t like Aditya and Imlie’s dance steps. She doesn’t know how the function will happen. Aparna says if Malini became Radha she would have taught her and Aditya dance steps. But she doesn’t want to do anything for Imlie. Aditya turns on the camera and expresses his emotions for Imlie. He says he thought of gifting the camera to Imlie after their marriage rituals but it didn’t happen. He says Satyakam is wrong as he broke law because of someone’s provocation.

Aditya adds Imlie wanted to be a reporter like him but for that she has to be free from all attachments. She should not be biased. He hopes that everything will be fine between him and Imlie soon. He wipes his tears and says he is dreaming to live a peaceful life with Imlie. Later Aditya and Imlie get ready for the performance.

Tripathis get ready for the Janmashtami play. Nishant becomes Balram and Rupy gets ready as Krishna’s Sakhi. Pankaj and Aparna are Krishna’s parents. Harish gets upset as he didn’t get any role. Dev and Anu arrive. Dev asks about Radha and Krishna. Aditya and Imlie come there. They look at each other. Nishant and Sundar shower rose petals on Aditya and Imlie. Malini comes dressed up as Radha.

Malini says she wanted to be Radha so she dressed up like her. Aparna compliments her. Doorbell rings and Pankaj goes to open the door thinking kids have come. Aparna tells Imlie to make prasad and says it is part of her chula charai ritual. Imlie gets happy and goes to make prasad. Meethi tells Imlie that Aparna is slowly accepting Imlie so she told her to perform the ritual. Imlie says she is sad as Aditya is upset with her. He is not even looking at her face. She says she failed to become a good wife.

Meethi says Satyakam broke Aditya’s trust so he will take time to be normal like before and she also didn’t forgive Satyakam yet. Meethi tells Imlie to make prasad barefoot. Imlie says she knows that. Malini notices her and thinks she won’t let Imlie go on stage today. She will be in the kitchen only. Nishant gives food to kids. Aditya looks for Imlie and Rupy tells him that she is making prasad.

Aditya says he argued with Imlie, so she might not come to perform with him. Rupy says Imlie is not like that. Nothing can separate them. Radha calls Aditya and he says he is waiting for Imlie. Radha takes him to stage forcibly. Aparna tells Malini to not think much, she deserves to perform with Aditya not Imlie. Malini goes on stage and Aditya is shocked to see her there in Imlie’s place.

Precap – Aparna tells Imlie they can’t wait for her. Malini will perform with Aditya. Imlie gets shocked.

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