Imlie 8th January 2023 Written Update: Shivani refrains Imlie from going to field trip

Imlie 8th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie saying she is really excited to go on the trip. Her family will not go with her and she feels like she is grown up finally. Arto comes and says he cant fall asleep tonight so can she sing lullaby for him? Imlie says she doesn’t write or recite poem anymore. She turns off the light and he says nothing is over but she can start afresh. He requests her to recite one poem and she finally does that in darkness. Arto enjoys listening to that and then he asks for more. She replies she wont as she has to leave for trip. He says she didn’t tell him yet about the trip. She says he hid many things from her so why can’t she!

He apologises and replies later she can do anything she wants. She again recites one poem to help him fall asleep. She covers his body with blanket and thinks she won’t become weak thinking about the past. Next morning she seeks for courage from her parents and prepares to leave. She hears that Shivani arranged Shanti Puja in the house and asks Imlie to make Prasad. Imlie gets shocked and Kia recalls how she convinced Shivani to make arrangements for the puja as many bad omen has occurred in the house. Imlie receives calls from her office and Shivani taunts her saying she is busy in outside work more. Imlie says she will make the Prasad quickly. Kia says she can understand Imlie has to leave, she asks her to make the Prasad but Kia makes excuse. Imlie says she is expert in making Prasad. She drops the flour by mistake and she says she is already getting late.

Anu taunts the Rathods for not involving her in Chini’s marriage preparations. Arpita and Rupy tease her for finding fault in everything. There Chini talks to Abhishek and asks him not to distribute money to the charity. He says he has Chini with him so he is not worried. Chini cuts the call and says why Abhishek is wasting his money behind such poor people. Anu asks her to again try to impress Arto but Chini says her story with Arto is over already so she has to convince Abhishek that she has right over his money now.

Arto can’t focus on his work and he recalls Imlie’s scolding happily. He then drops a text to Imlie to encourage her for the trip. He learns from Shivani that Imlie is making Prasad for the puja instead of going to the field trip. Imlie reads his message and smiles. Arto asks Imlie why she wants to miss the trip. Imlie gets his senior’s call who asks her not to take her internship lightly as she only joined the work. He says he expected bit extra from her. He says this Puja will not finish soon. She says he won’t tell her what to do and what not to do. Abhishek meets Chini and the latter scolds him for giving his half earning to the orphanage without asking her. She will give right advise to him.

Rupy taunts her for being jobless and Abhishek supports Chini. He takes Chini out. Sundar says Chini will choose the right path hopefully. Rupy says she focuses on money only. Shivani asks Imlie to sing Bhajan for Puja but Arto says she has to leave for work. Shivani says Imlie wants to work without salary for others but cant work for her family Puja. Arto says why can’t they support Imlie. Rudra and Devika take side of Imlie and shut Kia and Akash up for their protest. Rudra tells Arto drop Imlie to the location but Shivani says then how the puja will happen without the daughter in law. Imlie says she will sing Bhajan.

Episode ends

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