Imlie 8th November 2022 Written Update: Chini borrows money from her colleague

Imlie 8th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chini asking for money from one of her colleagues. She says Meethi needs money for her treatment. Nisha transfers the amount to Chini which the latter says. Chini decides to order a designer dress for herself to become the spotlight in Imlie’s Pathphera.

She tells Nisha that she will give back the money to her after getting salary. She sees the dress on laptop but Arto comes. Arto asks Chini why the latter spiked his drink. Chini says because he got married to Imlie and she wanted to drink alcohol to forget her pain but Imlie drank that from her glass. Arto says he is sorry the way Chini is suffering. But he is feeling bad because he scolded Imlie without any reason. Chini taunts him saying she created misunderstanding between husband and wife.

Nisha questions Chini why the latter lied to her to take money. She needs her money back. Chini doesn’t let her speak saying she will return back the money in five minutes and Arto asks her what’s the matter. Chini acts like she borrowed money from her friend to give a present to Imlie on her wedding. Though she lives in Rathore Mansion but she is poor. Arto says he can transfer her money if she needs, his things belong to her as well. Chini says that’s not needed. Arto says but Imlie is doing wrong to her. He will confront her, Chini tries to stop him from doing that.

Imlie gets presents from Devika for her family and asks where gift for Chini? Imlie says she will give one of her gifts to her. Arto sees Imlie is writing Chini’s name on her own presents. He thinks if Imlie is really bad or he is failing to see the reality. Arto apologises to her for the previous misunderstanding.

Imlie forgives him and Arto adds but she has Bhaskar Times, Rathore industry then why Chini works for a small company as a PR Manager? Imlie says Chini does that for her own self respect and she never stopped the latter from becoming independent. Kia and Akash talk about Rana’s spending money behind Imlie’s family. Akash says soon they will get all the property so she should not worry.

Chini sees she lost her one month salary due to taking seven days of leaves. She says she hates her life when Imlie is getting rich day by day. Rathores prepare for Imlie’s Pathphera ritual and Meethi waits for her arrival. Rupy says Imlie must be looking pretty after marriage. Sundar tells a househelp about lotuses and Chini gets an idea. She smirks.

Divya and Kia talk about the expensive gifts Imlie’s family got from Rudra which they never got. Kia says Imlie will be out of the house very soon. Rudra asks her why she said so? Kia lies she is only saying that Imlie will be sad after leaving her maternal home twice today. Rudra agrees with her saying though she will leave her maternal home but she will live here always.

Imlie prays to God before leaving, Arto thinks he wants to believe her but he can’t. He says but Chini matters to him not Imlie. Imlie is not Chini so he will get rid of her. He decides to leave Imlie at her home after Pathphera. Arto drives and Imlie tells about his family issues. He gets surprised thinking she knows about his family better than him. She tells about Ripu’s friends, Ginni’s problem, Rudra’s bad health and Arto’s room plants etc. He thinks she is like a chief guest for his family. She says she will strengthen their bond and will work on that without losing hope. Imlie meets Rathores and they greet her and Arto. Imlie says she is not happy and the reason is Arto. He gets shocked.

Precap- Imlie tries to light a candle when the light goes off. Arto turns on the shower by mistake and they get wet together. They get romantic.

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