Imlie 9th February 2024 Written Update: Agasyta’s fake contractual marriage with Binni.

Imlie 9th February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Agasyta thinks that Bijli will not accept him any more. Agasyta ask Ashu that he is upset with him because he is marrying other girl. Ashu tells Agasyta that he is a bad guy and he will not talk with him anymore. Govind tells Agasyta that it’s time for subh muhurat.
Imlie comes to attend the marriage but Govind tells Imlie to go and forget them forever. Alka tells Govind that they must welcome Imlie.


Imlie sees that Agasyta and Binni are taking phere. Pandit ji tells Agasyta to fills the hairline with vermillion. Agasyta thinks that he convince Binni to have a fake contractual marriage with him . Agasyta fill the vermillion and Agasyta wore the mangalsutra to Binni. Imlie is shattered to see the marriage. Pandit ji announce the completion of the marriage. Navya comes and meet Amma ji . Navya congrats Amma ji and tells her she is happy to see them destroy. Avi try to control Navya but she says to Avi that today her revenge is done. Navya brings Bhola with the gift. Bhola enter the house quietly. Agasyta and Binni takes the blessings.
Bulbul tells Biswa that Imlie went to attend Agasyta’s marriage. Biswa tells Sonali that Chaudhary’s and Imlie’s life is in danger.
Bhola walks quietly towards Imlie but he saw Ashu comes to meet Imlie. Ashu tells Imlie that he will not stay with his grandparents anymore but Imlie convince him to stay with the family. Imlie picks up her cycle and see that Agasyta is watching her from the window. Binni closed the window. Bhola walks slowly towards Imlie but Biswa arrives and save Imlie. Biswa tells Imlie that she can’t roam like this because her life is in danger. Imlie gets angry and tells Biswa not to touch her.

Sonali tells Imlie that Biswa is right and she can stay here overnight but Imlie refuses to stay here and went away. Biswa tells Sonali that he will make the security arrangements for Imlie. Agasyta thanks Binni to help him and ask he to sleep in the bed because he wants to sleep in the mattress where Imlie used to sleep.

Biswa tells Surya Reddy to give the police protection to Imlie because he will catch the killer in next few hours and than he will surrender to him. Surya accept the Biswa’s conditions. Biswa asks Navya about the locket. Navya tells Biswa that she don’t about any locket. Navya blames Imlie for misguiding Biswa. Navya tells Biswa that he wants to give security to Imlie . Biswa tells Navya he don’t anyone to kill. Navya change the plan and tells Bhola to call Imlie and Agastya to come in the old factory. Bhola takes Ashu with him.
Imlie gets a message that she will have to come old factory otherwise he will kill Ashu.

Precap-Amma ji blames Imlie for Agasyta’s death. Imlie is shattered.

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