Imlie 9th January 2021 Written Update: Malini gets a suspicious thing about Imlie from her belongings

Imlie 9th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Imlie packed the idol of Lord Sita when they asked why are you packing it as well? Imlie says actually I got the habit of taking her whenever I do any travelling so it has become my old habit. Aditya’s father and uncle says to her basically we don’t want to send you back at all because even we got habituated to you. Imlie gets emotional with their talks, they say go and enjoy to the fullest and please come back soon.

She says uncle wants me to go away because then he can do his own things in open without anyone interrupting in it. He says do come back here once you meet your family members. She gets emotional and hugs both of them and cries so much and they ask her not to feel sad as she will be home soon. She comes out and all the housemates are asking about her to come back soon and they give her gifts for her family members also and Imlie feels overwhelmed.

.Aditya is irked to see so much love of his family for Imlie and he is feeling awkward to see more than him all are loving her and asking her to be back soon including her mother. Malini holds the hand of Aditya and says please be back soon as I am going to miss you and do inform me as soon as you land in Pagdandiya. He assures Malini and says to the other housemates that he is getting late hence let him go now and Imlie bids goodbye to all knowing in mind that it is probably her last time in the house.

Malini also hugs Imlie and asks her to take care and says I will wait for my little sister to be back in home and Imlie feels too emotional. She says sorry in mind as she has to leave like this without telling them about it. She recalls all her moments that she spent in the house right from entering to till today and with each corner of the house and she feels too heavy at heart. The whole bus journey she speaks nothing and cries thinking about the family members and Delhi and Aditya notices it.

The bus halts at a place and Imlie goes to the washroom and Aditya asks her to be back soon as the bus will not halt here for any longer time. She goes and changes her getup as a married woman again as no one should know the reality about this relationship and she finds out that she left her mangalsutra in the house maybe as she is unable to find it in her bag while Aditya gets irritate when everyone in video call is only talking about and missing Imlie. Even the kids of the house are missing her and says we got used to her and her antics and as she is not in the house so it all feels so empty and hollow.

MAlini gets the mangalsutra of Imlie and she wonders what it is doing with her but then she shrugs off any thoughts. Imlie comes out in the bridal look and seeing her Aditya gets triggered again and cuts the call and blames her for purposely leaving her mangalsutra back in the house. Imlie says these stuff didn’t bring me any happiness that I have so much interest in wearing them. They reach Pagdandiya and Aditya offers Imlie money for her work in his house and she gets offended with his behaviour.

Precap – Imlie says to Aditya enough of your efforts to give me my rights as per your convenience. When the man himself doesn’t belongs to me what I will do here with his money and she gives him back the envelope of cash.

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