Imlie: Aditya to act in front of Nishant?

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Star Plus newly launched show Imlie garnered a huge amount of audience from the date of its launch. The gripping storyline filled with twists and plots makes it engaging to the audience. Recently Malini has introduced a lawyer named Kunal as her boyfriend.

Earlier its seen how Imlie planned something to unite Nishant and Pallavi. She locked them in a room. Pallavi demanded explanations from Nishant saying why he left her without telling about her fault. Nishant was be unable to answer and he fainted.

There Malini scolded lawyer Desai for his misbehavior with Kunal. Kunal took up Malini’s divorce case when lawyer Desai left it. Imlie and Malini later got shocked to see Nishant in that condition. Radha slapped Imlie for crossing her line. Malini tried to defend Imlie but in vain.

Radha warned Malini to not interfere in their family matters as she is not a part of the family anymore. Malini got disheartened. Aditya took stand for Malini. Pallavi got to know from the doctor that Nishant has cancer. Later she confronted Nishant and decided to marry him without any delay.

There Aditya promised Malini that he will always support her as a friend. Nishant clearly said he can’t ruin Pallavi’s life by marrying her. He wants to spend his remaining days of life peacefully. Pallavi got upset. Later Radha apologised to Imlie.

In upcoming episodes viewers will see Nishant will urge Aditya to fulfil his last wish. Aditya will try to make him understand that everyone dies sooner or later but one should not stop living. Nishant wont change his mind.

Aditya will get emotional and will hug Imlie. Later Imlie will make Aditya look like a Punjabi. She will convince him to become Pallavi’s fake fiance so that Nishant realises his live for Pallavi. Aditya will deny at first but later he will agree. Tripathis will recognise him and they will laugh.

Afterwards Tripathis will teach Aditya how to act. In future episodes Aditya will go to meet Pallavi and Nishant along with Imlie. Aditya will say Pallavi loves him and he loves her. Nishant will feel jealous.

Aditya will talk in his real voice by mistake. Imlie will get shocked to hear that. Now it would be interesting to watch how Imlie will cover up the matter.

Will Imlie involve Pallavi in her plan?

Will Nishant get ready to marry Pallavi?

To know what will happen next in your favorite show Imlie, keep watching the show and stay tuned to this space.