Imlie: Aditya’s taunts to anger Imlie?

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Star plus popular show Imlie will gear up for an interesting track. New Aditya has marked his entry to entertain the viewers. Imlie feels relieved to see him back also she thanks him for rescuing her and Aryan. Though Aryan plays a crucial part in order to save Imlie. Aditya’s taunts anger Imlie and she shuts him up. How will Aryan take his revenge after all this? that will be exciting to watch.

Previously it was shown that Aryan tried to stop Imlie from acting insane. She tried to break the wall in order to get out of the shelter and as a result a pot broke and the water fell on a unconscious person’s face. Later Imlie saw that Aryan has got fever. She gave him support so that he sleeps peacefully. She got scared to face the villagers when they came to open the door of the hut. Aryan told her to face the villagers bravely as they are innocent. Aryan stood up for Meethi and Imlie.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Aryan will defend Imlie in front of villagers. He will get beaten by them. He and Imlie will be tied with chains and the Panch will order to kill them by throwing stones. Meethi will plead before Panch but in vain. Aryan will warn them but later he will run away with Imlie. Aditya will rescue them from the villagers and will tell them to stop following such ill customs. Aryan will scare the villagers by punching one of them. Aditya will taunt Imlie saying why she couldn’t reach him if she came here to save him. He will add that he wants Imlie and Aryan’s marriage to happen in grand way. Imlie will shut him up. Later Aditya will question Aryan why he came here to rescue him. Aryan will reply that he fulfils his duty towards people sincerely, be it friends or enemies.

Will Imlie leave for Delhi alone? Will Aryan challenge Aditya? Will Tripathis thank Imlie for saving Aditya?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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