Imlie: Imlie and Malini to find Nishant in unconscious state?

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Star Plus newly launched show Imlie garnered a huge amount of audience from the date of its launch. The gripping storyline filled with twists and plots makes it engaging to the audience. Recently Malini has introduced a lawyer named Kunal as her boyfriend.

Earlier its seen how Pallavi met Tripathis to return Imlie’s book and they said she should keep visiting Tripathi house. Nishant stopped Radha from revealing his truth and hurt Pallavi with his lie. He told everyone that he can’t let Pallavi enter his life again as she deserves a good life partner who will live long.

Imlie showed cheerful attitude and sang song with Tripathis. Aditya scolded her for not studying for her English exam. He told her to talk in English only as a punishment. Afterwards he supported Imlie for bringing back Pallavi to cure Nishant. Malini other side warned her parents to not trouble Kunal. Imlie tried to speak in English.

But she got fed up after a certain point of time. She got embarrassed when Tripathis laughed at her after hearing her mispronounced words. Aditya made her understand his point when she got hurt. Imlie went back to study.

Later Imlie thanked Aditya for his support and confessed her feelings to him. The latter got happy. Tripathis got shocked to hear that. Imlie and Rupy covered up the matter somehow.

In upcoming episodes viewers will see Imlie will plan something to unite Nishant and Pallavi. She will lock them in a room. Pallavi will demand explanations from Nishant saying why he left her without telling about her fault. Nishant will be unable to answer and he will faint.

There Malini will scold lawyer Desai for his misbehavior with Kunal. Kunal will take up Malini’s divorce case when lawyer Desai will leave it. Imlie and Malini later will get shocked to see Nishant in that condition.

Afterwards Radha will slap Imlie for crossing her line. Malini will try to defend Imlie but in vain. Radha will warn Malini to not interfere in their family matters as she is not a part of the family anymore. Malini will get disheartened.

Will Aditya support Imlie this time?

Will Imlie apologise to Nishant?

To know what will happen next in your favorite show Imlie, keep watching the show and stay tuned to this space.