Imlie: Imlie to defend Arto in front of guests?

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Star Plus popular show Imlie will witness some interesting drama in upcoming episodes. In the recent promo Imlie will be seen as Atharv’s wife and she will learn about Chini and Atharv’s secret affair. She will confront Chini and will decide to leave Atharv. It will be exciting to watch what’s in store for us.

Previously it was shown that Imlie saved Atharv by starting the machines in the ward. Doctor instructed her to push him injection. Later the door was opened and doctor said that Arto is stable. Devika and Rudra thanked Imlie and told Shivani not to blame her unnecessarily. Chini transferred the money to Jatin and told him to delete the footages.

She also did emotional drama over call and told Arto that she prayed to GS for his recovery. Devika told him to see Imlie’s efforts instead of praising Chini all the time. Imlie went to make food in the kitchen for the ritual and she made moti roti for Atharv after taking suggestion from Sundar. Kia thought the food is bogus. Arto was not interested to eat that Devika asked him to taste.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen Divya will criticise Imlie’s thick rotis and will call it a dog’s food. Rudra will ask Arto to eat it without embarrassing Imlie. Arto will eat chillies out of frustration and Imlie will feed him rotis. He will like the taste and will apologise to Imlie for judging her dish.

Imlie will be asked to wear an expensive saree at reception but she will wish to wear her mother’s saree. Divya and Kia will call it cheap and Arto will ask Imlie to wear whatever she wants. He will stand up for her freedom. Later Imlie will also defend him at the reception party for his music.

Atharv will thank her, Chini will bring Prasad for Arto and before she could feed him, it will fall but Imlie will catch it. She will feed the Prasad to him making Chini jealous.

Imlie will be drunk and he will tell her that he used to like her innocence earlier but then he learned she is a cheater so he doesn’t want to stay with her, he doesn’t love her either. Imlie will be shocked knowing that.

Will Atharv cheat Imlie ?

Will Chini brainwash Atharv?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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