Imlie: Imlie to slap Amrit in front of Agastya?

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Star Plus popular show Imlie witnessed another long leap in the show. Imlie and Arto were found dead and Anu sent Imlie and Arto’s daughters to somewhere unknown. Choti Imlie has become a bar dancer and facing challenges. On the other hand Agastya’s hatred for poor people angers Choti Imlie. The upcoming story will come up with lots of twists and turns in the show and that will be exciting to watch.


Previously it was shown Imlie asked for her payment From Agastya and he realised she is the same bar singer who argued with him at bar. He gave her the payment and there Alka got upset as Mr Johri called the bar singer in their function. She tried to cancel the marriage and Agastya convinced her saying he will marry Noyonika only as he promised Dadi. Noyonika got impressed by his behaviour. There Imlie caught Pallo and Bulbul red handed when they tried to steal the engagement ring. Agastya thought Imlie is the thief. Imlie shut him up saying she is not a liar. Later Agastya talked to Noyonika in private.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen Agastya and Noyonika will agree with each other when they feel that elders can take right decisions for them. They will get engaged. There Imlie will go to work in this hope Agastya will not fire her if she impresses him with her work. She will impress the investors with her tasty dishes and Agastya will lay her off in front of them.

She will give a befitting reply to him that being a bar singer doesn’t prove she is a cheater. Investors will demand her at his restaurant else they won’t invest. Agastya will refuse to bring back Imlie and he will cancel the deal. Afterwards Imlie will sing at the bar and will slap Amrit when he will try to misbehave with her. Agastya will witness that.

How Agastya and Imlie’s story will unfold further?

Where is Kairi?

All questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Imlie, stay tuned to this space.