Imlie: Imlie unintentionally spoiled the phone of Aditya

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It seems that the upcoming days of Imlie in her new life are not at all going to be easy and smooth. We are talking about Star Plus’s popular prime time show, “Imlie”.

The storyline of the show has taken a huge turn in some past episodes and the real story of the show is going to kickstart soon now. The primary characters Imlie and Aditya got married forcefully to each other but Aditya is not ready to acknowledge the marriage at all. Imlie is living in his house but Aditya is leaving no chance to remind her that he and she can never be together and she is trying to make herself understand this too.

However, Malini who is fiance of Aditya is still not aware about the real reason behind the delay in arrival of Aditya. Now it will be more interesting when Malini and Imlie will face each other in the house of Aditya.

Aditya and Malini were about to get married and the preparations for it is on. However, no one is aware about what happened in Pagdandiya and neither Imlie or Aditya are opening up on this topic. In tonight’s episode, viewers will get to see that Aditya will decide to meet Malini and inform her about his marriage. He makes an attempt to tell her the real truth but couldn’t after seeing her excitement for their future life. On the other hand, Milky made a mistake with his phone which was gifted by Malini.

In the upcoming episodes of the show, Malini will come face to face with Imlie in the house of Aditya. She will be shocked to see her in the family and she will not take it in the normal way.

What will be the reaction of Malini after this?

How she will react to that it was only Imlie for whom her gift is spoiled.

All in all the upcoming episodes of this soap are going to be interesting. For more such exciting updates about your favourite shows, keep watching this space.