Imlie: Malini is fearing the worst

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Imlie is all set to enter a completely new and challenging phase of her life. Star Plus popular show Imlie leaving no stone unturned to keep the viewers hooked to the show. According to the current storyline of the show revolving around the circumstances which led Aditya and Imlie to get married to each other. While Malini the love interest of Aditya is feeling a strange kind of fear within herself which unfortunately is going to be a reality later on. With so much drama, twist, turns and suspense in the kitty, Imlie is going to end the week on a high note yet again.

Now the upcoming storyline will decide the actual formation of the central characters along with their contribution in the storyline. Let’s see if the makers will provide the audience something more than just a triangle love story and hate turned love and family drama or not?

In last night’s episode, audiences witnessed a high voltage tension sequence of the pre-marriage scenario. Imlie tried her best to save Aditya from the marriage but seems like destiny has some other plans for both of them. Today fans of the show will get to see Meethi who is aware about the love relationship of Aditya will be in a dilemma about the marriage ceremony of Imlie and Aditya. She will fear the same fate for her daughter which she faced in the past. She will share with one of her friends how all her life she tried to keep imali away from all this and focused on her education but still she was not able to save her from her bad luck. On the other side, Aditya will get married to Imlie under the pressure of the entire villagers.

Now as Aditya is in love with Malini and wants to get married to her, accept Imlie as his wife? Will Imlie be able to resume her studies and fulfill her dreams? To know more keep watching this space and don’t forget to watch Imlie only on Star Plus.