Imlie: Malini to take advantage of Aditya’s intoxicated state?

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Star Plus popular show Imlie garnered a huge amount of audience from the date of its launch. The storyline is getting interesting with each passing day specially after Aditya’s shocking revelation. Malini accepted that she can’t move on. Malini’s realisation has become a threat to Aditya and Imlie’s marriage. Imlie recently learned about Malini’s intentions and decided to stop her. Will Malini cross all limits to win Aditya’s love? Will Imlie be able to get her rightful place in Aditya’s house? It will be interesting to watch.

Earlier its seen that, Meethi and Dev got excited to see Imlie and Aditya’s performance but Anu didn’t like that. She made a plan. Aditya recorded his true emotions for Imlie in a camera which he thought of giving her after marriage rituals. He revealed that he wants a peaceful life with Imlie. Later Malini also dressed up like Radha and Aparna told Imlie to make prasad and there Aditya was forced to dance with Malini. Aparna told Imlie not to perform with Aditya. Malini performed in her place. Imlie got upset. Later Aditya danced with Imlie and Malini got irked seeing that.

In the future episodes we will see that Malini will spike everyone’s drink and they will be drugged. Later Imlie will try to save Aditya but the latter will drink the juice and will act insane in intoxicated state. Malini will take advantage of the situation and she will spend night with Aditya. Imlie will get shocked to see that and she will break down to tears. Aditya will get confused as he can’t remember anything. Malini will taunt Imlie saying she snatched Aditya from her and she will act innocent in front of Aditya. Later Anu will start her melodrama in Tripathi house and Tripathis will decide to unite Aditya and Malini after the incident.

Will Aditya agree to accept Malini as his wife?

Will imlie expose Malini?

To know what will happen next in your favorite show Imlie, keep watching the show and stay tuned to this space.