Imlie: Malini’s lie to shock Tripathis?

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Star Plus newly launched show Imlie garnered a huge amount of audience from the date of its launch. The gripping storyline filled with twists and plots makes it engaging to the audience. Recently Malini got to know about Dev’s truth from Meethi. She confronted Dev.

Earlier it’s seen how Aditya told Imlie not to worry about the consequences of Malini reveals their truth, Imlie said she is terrified, they shared a cute moment when Aditya taught her to pronounce terrified properly.

There Malini reached home and made a shocking revelation that Dev is Imlie’s father and Dev is the one who is blameworthy not Imlie. Anu still thought Imlie and Meethi are responsibile for everything. Later Dev suffered a heart attack when he got worried about confessing his truth to Imlie.

Anu accused Imlie of putting Dev’s life into danger. Aditya took a stand for Imlie. Aditya insisted to stay back with Malini in the hospital but Malini told him to leave and lied that Kunal will be with her. Malini returned the ring of Aditya.

But Aditya refused to take it back saying Malini should keep it as a gift from a friend. Later Aditya requested Imlie to stand up for herself against Anu’s misbehavior.

Imlie went to meet Dev and Dev told her to consider him father. Imlie refused saying only Malini has the right to call him Papa. Malini consoled crying guilt-ridden Dev.

In upcoming episodes viewers will see Anu will again badmouth Imlie. Imlie will recall how Aditya told her to stand up for herself. Afterwards Imlie will call Anu dirt where lotus blooms.

Anu will try to slap Imlie and the latter will twist Anu’s hands saying she will also get admitted to the same hospital where Dev is. Anu will get shocked. Imlie will say she won’t meet Dev again.

Later Malini will drop Imlie home and she will also try to return her ring given by Aditya. Imlie will deny to take it back. Malini will lie that Kunal doesn’t want her to keep it.

Aparna will overhear Malini’s talk and she will be shaken to hear that. Later on Malini will lie to Tripathis that her affair with Kunal is the reason why she and Aditya got separated.

What will be Tripathis’ reactions?

Will Tripathis agree for Malini and Aditya’s divorce?

To know what will happen next in your favorite show Imlie, keep watching the show and stay tuned to this space.