Imlie Weekly Update: Adithya gets Arrested.

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Star Plus’s popular hit show Imlie is all set to engage it’s audience with it’s twists and turns. The show never fails to keep its audience hooked to the Television screens. The show is famous for its unique style that it didn’t take much time for the makers to attract the audience. The show revolves around the leads of the show Malini, Adithya and Imlie.
Imlie is a smart village belle, is forced to marry a journalist after they seek shelter in a hut during heavy rains. On reaching the city, she realises that her husband is engaged to be married. Adithya introduces her as the maid of the house denying to accept her as his wife and carries on with his marriage with Malini who doesn’t know about their marriage. Later Adithya develops feelings for Imlie and Malini gets to know the truth.

Now Malini wants to get back with her husband hence she is planning and plotting against Imlie while Adithya is planning to get the divorce finalised. Malini is now pregnant with his baby.

In the past episodes we saw Harsh calling Imlie. The committee member says like the last time, this time too there is no mistake in the arrangements. Harsh says Imlie deserves to be praised. Imlie asks them to go and do the Bhajan. She then welcomes Rupali, Adithya turns to see and gets surprised seeing her. Rupali is playing Veena closing her eyes. Radha and Harsh thanks Imlie for making Rupali play Veena after a very long time.

The Pooja starts. Malini wants to do Aarti with Adithya but then Imlie joins him in the Pooja as Nani holds back Malini. Malini gets furious and sets a curtain on fire because of which the fire surrounds everywhere. Imlie rushes to save Rupali but before her Pranav pushes Imlie and saves her. Imlie thanks him but everyone else is upset with him. Imlie asks them why they are being harsh to him and Rupali tells her that it’s Pranav. Imlie tells him that he shouldn’t go without taking Prasad and asks him to leave. Malini objects her for her behaviour. Pranav begs Rupali to give him a chance and she agrees to give him a chance.

Imlie gets doubt of him. Pranav on the other hand talks with Adarsh Kant the MLA who is involved in smuggling and promises him to bring the Pendrive. Imlie takes test of him and Rupali where he fails in the test everytime and only gets two points. Imlie says they won’t send Rupali with him. Pranav decides to earn their trust and steals greeting cards from Dhruv room, on the way he dashes with Imlie but hides them behind his back but however she sees them.

He gives them to Rupali. Rupali happily shows them to the family. Imlie shares her worries about Rupali being betrayed by him to Meethi who advices her to say the truth to Rupali. Imlie tells Rupali that Pranav stole the cards to earn her trust to which Malini shouts at her and asks her not to provoke her against him. She asks her why she comes in between couples.

Rupali agrees with Malini and asks Imlie to never say a word against Pranav. Adithya gets a call from the editor who asks him to bring the pendrive. Adithya asks Imlie for Pendrive and Pranav who heard it steals it. Imlie gets doubt on him. She accuses him and Pranav asks Rupali to check him as the pendrive is dropped near the curtain.

Rupali checks him but gets nothing. She gets upset with Imlie. Pranav to escape from the house, places drugs in Adithya’s room. Police arrest Adithya but Pranav is not able to escape as Imlie stops him from leaving. In the jail the police denies to free Adithya as there is no proofs. Pranav tries to escape taking the chance so that he can give the pendrive to Adarsh Kant but Imlie intentionally dashes with him and creates a scene. They both get into a physical fight and the Police arrests both of them. She decides to take the Pendrive back from him. Adithya, Pranav and Imlie are locked in the same Prison.

In the upcoming episodes we will get to see Imlie telling Adithya to understand what she is trying to say and with her fingers, she gestures him something with her fingers. Adithya glares at Pranav with anger after understanding her gesture.

How will Imlie take the Pendrive back? How will Imlie exposes Pranav to the family? What will Adithya do?

To know what will happen in the future episodes keep watching Imlie on star plus from 08:30- 9:00 PM only on Star Plus and keep checking out this space for latest news of your favourite shows.