Imlie Weekly Update: Imlie interviews Puja Oberoi in Tripathi house.

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This week began with Rupy asking Malini what is she doing in her room. Malini lies that she is searching for antacid. Rupy suggests her to go to see the doctor but Malini says she is feeling weak. Rupy searches for the keys but doesn’t find that. Malini leaves and sees the keys. She smirks saying now Rupy won’t get the keys and the phone won’t be repaired. Aditya talks to the interns and he stops Imlie at last. He tries to talk to her regarding the morning aarti. But Imlie says she is trying to stay without taking his support. So he should not interfere in her life. Aditya again asks her about her new friend and Imlie gets angry. She says she won’t give any explanations to him.

Narmada invites girls for the party and Arpita assures her she invited everyone already and now Aryan just will choose the right girl. Narmada hopes that Aryan will get his life partner very soon. Other interns force Imlie to watch movie but she says she will work in office. Aditya tells her to not stay in the office for late night. Imlie tells him not to show concern. Others are working too not just she. Aditya says he will wait for her and then will drop her in hostel. Imlie remains adamant and he sees Aryan and says he won’t wait for her to return in his life. He has no hopes now.

He leaves in anger. Aryan sees Imlie and calls her in his cabin. He asks her why she is not going home. She is about to reply but Arpita calls Aryan. She scolds him for not coming back home. Aryan feels embarrassed and Imlie controls her laughter. Imlie tells Aryan to go back home as he is lucky someone is waiting for him. He should not leave their side ever. Aryan tells her to stop lecturing. Later he leaves the office and Imlie sleeps under the desk.

Anu talks to Malini about Imlie. Malini says now Imlie is staying in office and she took her revenge. Anu says Imlie is still enjoying as Malini couldn’t get Aditya. She tells Malini to snatch Imlie’s job too so that she suffers the most.

Aryan on his way back home gets Malini’s call. Malini makes an anonymous call and lies to him that his office caught fire and she is trying to call the fire brigade. Aryan goes back to office in hurry and there Imlie feels cold and lights a candle. Aryan sees everything is fine and someone wasted his time. Malini drinks alcohol with Anu to celebrate as Aryan will fire Imlie. Aryan sees the candle flame and enters the office thinking a thief has entered. He sees Imlie is sleeping and looks at her.

Imlie screams seeing him. Aryan tries to call the police and Imlie lies saying she is saving time. Aryan doesn’t believe her. Imlie reveals Warden threw her out. Aryan says he can’t believe there’s noone in the city for her. He tells her to fight for herself but she can’t stay in his office. Imlie leaves immediately after taking her belongings. She tries to drink water but he takes the bottle. She leaves.

Imlie sleeps on a chair outside and some loafers try to misbehave with her. Aryan rescues Imlie and threatens them. Later he tells her to stay in his home. Imlie doesn’t get ready so Aryan tells her to pay rent. There Malini spots Aryan and lmlie together and takes a selfie with a puppy. She shows this to Tripathis so that Aditya can get angry seeing Imlie with Aryan in the selfie. Aditya also learns Imlie left the hostel.

Arpita introduces Imlie to the guests. One of them tries to flirt with Aryan and the latter shows no interest. He sees Imlie is eating noodles with hands. He scolds her for being mannerless. He teaches her to use chopsticks. Imlie learns and eats with it. Later Aditya desperately sneaks into Aryan’s house after Malini’s provocation.

Aditya invads Aryan’s house and tries to take Imlie with him forcefully. She tells him to leave and says she is not taking Aryan’s favor but will pay rent to him. At least she is here as guest not as a servant. Aditya goes to talk to Aryan but Imlie stops him. Anu sends police in Aryan’s house but they dont find Aditya. Aryan sees him but doesnt inform the police. He reflects his history how Arvind died because of Aditya. Aditya creates a scene in his house in drunken state and Aparna slaps him.

Aparna scolds Aditya for not realising Imlie’s worth yet. Malini gets happy thinking Imlie herself got separated from Aditya. Imlie gets pissed seeing Aryan’s rude behaviour and Narmada asks for her help to change Aryan. Imlie gets upset recalling her argument with Aditya. Imlie doesn’t get ready to sit in Aryan’s car as she is scared of his car speed. Aryan tells her to drive considering it as a tractor. Imlie drives Aryan’s car successfully.

Aditya confronts Imlie after getting jealous and Imlie shuts him up saying he is not praising her for doing something new, but taunting her. Aditya also indirectly taunts Imlie in office. Later Aryan gives new assignment to Aditya and tells Imlie to assist him. Aditya doesn’t get ready to cover Bollywood gossip but he is forced to do that. He offends the actress by asking about public welfare and he gets into an argument with Imlie. There Malini plans to steal Rupy’s phone again.

In future episodes it will be shown that Imlie will help Puja and in return she will get chance to interview her. Later she will arrange the set up in Tripathi house and Malini will fail to destroy the proof. Puja will learn about Aditya and Imlie’s relationship because of Malini and will threaten her. Tripathis will sort out the matter. Aryan will transfer Aditya to a different department and will insult him for not interviewing Puja. Aditya will think Imlie is taking revenge from him. Afterwards Aditya will give divorce papers to Imlie shockingly.

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