Imlie Weekly Update: Imlie keeps Aryan in dark.

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This week began with Imlie giving moti roti and daal to Chini. She enjoyes eating it and Imlie serves.the same food to Aryan too. Aryan asks her not to do any favour but she asks him to eat as he donated blood to Chini. Aryan shares that he feels a strange connection with Chini and she has the same problem like Gudiya.

He asks Imlie to tell the truth but the latter hides it thinking about Chini’s future safety. She wants to save Chini from Malini. Malini behaves sweetly with Chini and the latter gets surprised seeing the change in her. Malini tells her that she is her daughter and she can call Malini as mom.

Malini accuses Imlie in front of her. Chini refuses to believe her saying Malini is jealous of Imlie. Later Chini tries to tell Imlie what Malini said to her about her identity but failed. Later Imlie tries to pay off the amount Aryan gave for Chini’s treatment but Malini gives the money to Aryan saying she is Chini’s mother.

She accuses Imlie of separating Aditya’s sign from her. Aryan shuts Malini up but the latter provokes him too using Cheeku’s death.

Malini accuses Imlie of taking away her daughter without her knowledge. Aryan gets shocked to know that and he questions Imlie why she lied to him when he showed trust in her in the hospital. Imlie tries to convince him saying Malini left Chini alone at a temple so she saved her but he is not ready to believe her.

She says that she didn’t tell him the truth as she was scared. Imlie tries to leave the mansion with Chini but the latter refuses to listen to Imlie saying she is not her mother. Imlie pleads her saying Chini should atleast consider her like a housemaid as she can’t live without Chini.

Imlie is thrown out of the house by Malini and there Chini recalls how Malini threatened her so that she refuses to stay with Imlie. There Imlie gets heartbroken.

Aryan shows his displeasure for Imlie’s continuous appearance in his life at every stages. He says that he feels like he is just playing a character in her story. He is tired of getting sad now he wants to breathe and wants to live his life. Imlie almost loses hope but Meethi tells her not to give up as there might be valid reason due to which Chini refused to stay with her. She encourages Imlie to find out the truth.

Imlie recalls how Chini was trying to tell her something in the room. Later Aryan consoles crying Chini by telling her that she shouldn’t have loved Imlie as the latter left her alone. He also adds that Imlie deserves this separation as she snatched Malini’s daughter.

Chini is not able to tell him about Malini’s blackmail. She feels that Aryan is misunderstanding Imlie. Imlie tries to contact Chini by taking a phone from a stranger as her phone’s battery is dead. Chini comes to answer the call. Malini shares her happiness with Anu as she succeeded in her plan.

Imlie and Chini talk to each other in code language, where Imlie learns that Malini is trying to scare Chini by showing her black magic. Imlie rushes to the mansion to take Chini back. Malini decorates her car to show off and tells Aryan that she is doing it to make Chini happy. She says that Chini will live with her mother from now on.

Aryan decides to be in touch with Chini. He goes to call Chini but sees that she ran away. He runs after her and tells her not to keep expectations with Imlie. There Malini hires goons to kill Imlie and the latter gets injured after getting hit by a truck.

Aryan feels bad seeing Chini crying on street. Malini picks her from there. Aryan finds Imlie’s anklet and there Imlie is in the ambulance.

Aryan picks the anklet. She is inside the ambulance and it passes by Aryan. Aryan calls Imlie and Chini goes towards him to ask where is Imlie? Malini says she will never come back now. She takes Chini from there. Aryan says he doesn’t want to hope for Imlie’s return anymore. He can’t handle this sorrow but he will wish for Imlie’s wellbeing always.

After nine months, Arpita gives food plate to Aryan. He says Chini didn’t eat food yet, how will he make Chini understand that Imlie is going to return back. Aryan goes to feed her. Malini is relaxing on her couch and enjoying the pedicure.

Anu asks her why she sends Chini to Rathore Mansion every weekend? Chini will reveal the truth to Aryan that Malini blackmailed her to stay away from Imlie.

Malini says she needs a break from Chini sometimes. She is giving all kind of comfort to Chini, the latter is studying in best school but she scares her too time to time so that Chini doesn’t tell the truth to Aryan.

She scares Chini saying she will snatch Aryan from her too. It’s a part of her plan to send her to Rathore Mansion. Malini tells Anu to relax and they are living a tension free life from last nine months.

Aryan sees Chini is hiding a drawing from him. He takes it from her and says she doesn’t need to hide anything from him.

Aryan sees Chini made Imlie’s sketch and wrote missing on it. Aryan says Chini doesn’t need to feel that she lost Imlie but the latter kept her away from her mother thus she sent Imlie away from herself. Chini says but why Imlie is not trying to contact her for so long.

Aryan asks her why she wants to find her. Chini says she is his wife, is he not worried for her that why she disappeared all of a sudden? She thinks in mind that she can’t reveal Malini’s truth to Aryan now. Aryan recalls one past moment, he gave two phones to Imlie so that she can be in touch with him all the time after leaving.

She teased him saying she can keep ten phones and ten chargers for that. Aryan pulled her closer and said wherever she will go, she will tease him like that. She also promised him that she will always find the scope to be in touch with him wherever she goes. Flashback ends.

Chini tells Aryan to go out to stick those missing posters of Imlie everywhere. Aryan accompanies her. He says he is getting late for office and Chini prays that Imlie will be back one day, she can’t hurt a cute kid like this. Aryan thinks he stopped keeping expectations from Imlie, he feels bad for Chini sometimes that Imlie didn’t even come to apologise to her.

Imlie is sleeping on her bed and Meethi asks the Vaidji why Imlie is not waking up? She says she brought Imlie from the hospital nine months ago and since then she didn’t open her eyes. Vaidji says Imlie lost her will to live, Meethi has to give her the reason to live.

Meethi cries for Imlie and there Aryan arrives where Imlie is staying. Aryan says this is the location he got then why noone has come yet. He waits for others and Imlie opens her eyes slowly.

Meethi gets surprised and rushes to call Vaidji. Aryan fails to see her face and thinks there’s some emergency maybe. He goes inside the house to check.

Aryan finds pregnant Imlie in the room who gains consciousness after nine months. Aryan gets emotional seeing her and holds her when she falters. he gets shocked seeing her baby bump. Meethi reveals to him that Imlie met with an accident and woke up after nine months.

There Malini tears Imlie’s sketch made by Chini. She also learns that Aryan bought medicines for Imlie and she gets stunned hearing that. Chini gets overjoyed hearing the news. Aryan feels guilty for blaming Imlie earlier and feels hesitant to ask her that who is the baby’s father.

Imlie does not tell him about their consummation as he might doubt her again like last time and he already trusted Malini. He accepted the lie as truth. She ignores his questions and he forces her to tell. She asks if he cares then why he let Malini throw her out of the house.

In future episode, Chini will call Aryan by coming under pressure and will tell him to marry Malini. Aryan will say yes and it will leave Imlie heartbroken.

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