Imlie Weekly Update: Imlie quits the competition because of Aparna.

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Star Plus popular show Imlie garnered a huge amount of audience from the date of its launch. The storyline is getting interesting with each passing day specially after Aditya’s shocking revelation. It has been shown how Imlie participated in best bahu competition and won the first round. Anu has manipulated Aparna so that she gets her help to defeat Imlie. It will be interesting to watch at the end of the day Aparna’s stubbornness will win or Imlie’s continuous efforts to win the trust of Tripathis.

This week began with Anu becomes the judge of the best bahu competition in order to avenge Imlie and increases the difficulties for her so that she loses the game. Anu tells the participants to make western food instead of Indian food. Anu disqualifies Pallavi when the latter tries to help Imlie by going against the rules. Imlie comes up with an idea and makes a combined dish which has both Indian and Western flavours. Later on, judges blindfold themselves and taste the dishes They love Imlie’s dish but Anu gets shocked to know that. She stops them from announcing the winner.

Pallavi stands up for Imlie when Anu disqualifies Imlie’s dish saying its a simple one. Pallavi says they should focus on the taste of the food instead of the contestant’s background. Later judges declare Imlie as the winner of the cooking competition. The second round is of dance competition of couples. Aditya and Imlie get worried thinking who will teach them dance steps. Sundar tries to teach them dance but Aditya fails to do it. Later Imlie guides Aditya while he gets upset thinking his family will not accept Imlie even after she wins the competition. Aparna and Radha gets irked seeing Aditya and Imlie’s dance practice. Aparna thinks of doing something to stop Aditya from participating in the competition.

Malini and Kunal have a phone conversation and they apologise to each other for their previous rude attitude towards one another. Malini requests Kunal not to leave her case. Kunal reveals tomorrow is last counselling session of Aditya and Malini’s divorce. Malini gets disheartened and then she tries to inform Aditya about that but the latter gets busy in dance practice. Later during competition Anu provokes Aparna and as a result Aparna locks Aditya in room to refrain him from performing with Imlie. Neighbors and Anu taunt Imlie and there Aditya tries to open the door. Anu talks about disqualifying Aditya and Imlie. There Malini also reaches Tripathi house to know why Aditya is not receiving her calls. Aditya tells her he can’t go to court which angers Malini. Malini thinks how can Aditya give priority to a simple dance performance more than their last session. Kunal waits for Malini and Aditya but Malini tells him Aditya is not coming.

Aditya misunderstands Malini when the latter is talking to Kunal over phone. Aditya assumes Malini locked him in room out of anger to take revenge. He hurts Malini with his words. Other side Imlie gives solo performance dressed as both male and female. She receives praises but doesn’t win due to certain rules of the competition. Aditya says sorry to Imlie for not dancing with her. Later Aditya learns about Aparna’s act and confronts her. Aparna replies, Aditya also betrayed his family by marrying Imlie so she did the same that too for Aditya’s own good. Afterwards he attempts to say sorry to Malini after realising his mistake but in vain. Anu brainwashes Malini saying she should stop defending Aditya, Imlie and the latter gets disheartened thinking Aditya doesn’t even care about her existence anymore that’s why he accused her.

Malini gets upset over that fact Aditya misunderstood her and how can he even think she can avenge him. Imlie says to Aditya she will lose in final round as Aparna won’t participate. Aparna overhears their conversation and thinks she will take part to disqualify Imlie. Later on Anu intentionally asks tough questions to Imlie and Aparna knowingly gives wrong answers about her choices in the quiz competition to stop Imlie from winning the game. Imlie and Aparna’s answers don’t match. For each wrong answer Aparna eats chillies according to the rules of the competition. That hurts Imlie and she decides to quit the game thinking about Aparna’s health condition. Aparna says she won’t let Imlie win at any cost. Aditya gets upset.

In forthcoming episodes Anu will call Imlie a loser and will announce her name first to humiliate her in front of society. Imlie will come towards Anu when the latter will call her a maid. Will Imlie give befitting reply to Anu?

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