Imlie Weekly Update: Malini spikes everyone’s drink and accuses Imlie?

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This week began with Imlie revealing Malini’s truth to Aditya. Aditya still blames Satyakam. Malini says that she loves Aditya as a friend and she didn’t call Satyakam. Then Aditya refuses to forgive Satyakam as nothing can justify his act. He gets disappointed with Imlie as the latter helped Satyakam run away. Later Malini mocks Imlie. Imlie also shuts her up saying she will throw her out soon. For Janmashtami Aditya and Imlie practice dance. Malini interferes and she compared herself with Krishna’s wife Rukmini.

Meethi and Dev get excited to see Imlie and Aditya’s performance but Anu gets irked. She makes a plan. Aditya records his true emotions for Imlie in a camera which he thought of giving her after marriage rituals. He reveals that he wants a peaceful life with Imlie. Later Malini also dresses up like Radha. Aparna tells Imlie to make prasad and there Aditya is forced to dance with Malini.

Imlie cooks in the kitchen. Sundar comes to her and teases her. Aparna comes then and asks whether it is ready. Imlie says it will be ready in five minutes. Aparna says there is no time anymore and she can’t let the children wait. Imlie asks how can she dance if she is in the kitchen. Aparna says she is not needed because the one who is needed there is present with Adithya. Imlie asks whether she asked her to cook because she wanted Adithya with Malini to which she says it hurts to know they are betrayed just like she feels now. She will never accept her and the truth is she can’t see her with Adithya. Vishwa consoles Imlie.

Nishant tells children that it’s Shree Krishna’s birthday hence they should wish him and the children wish Happy Birthday Krishna and hail him. And if they wants to see a good dance performance then they have to do nothing but clap their hands. Adhitya thinks he has taken his place and where is Imlie. He sees someone on the stage and thinking it to be Imlie he goes there but gets shocked seeing Malini. Pankaj pushes him onto the stage and Adithya dances with Imlie. Nishant comes to Imlie and tells her that Malini is dancing with Adithya and everyone is feeling embarrassed seeing them. Anu comes to Imlie and calls her a servant. She says she has become late in distributing sweets. She says only Malini has right to be with Adithya and goes to her place.

Imlie thinks that Malini went to take her place but she will go to take her place now. Anu throws glass pieces on the floor ahd Imlie who comes running there steps on the glass pieces and her feet starts to bleed. Anu thinks that now come to the stage. Imlie stubbornly starts walking and coibg towards Adithya she forwards her hand while Malini does the same. Adithya holds Imlie’s hand and they both dance together. Everyone claps for them. Adithya sees her wound and lifts her in his arms and walks with her in his arms. Malini gets shocked seeing them. He makes her lay on the bed and treats her wounds after scolding her for dancing with her injured feet. She says she can’t keep the family’s reputation at stake. Adithya says he didn’t like it. Adithya asks her how did this happen. Imlie asks her whether Malini has done it. He says she has done many things and even tried to kill her husband when she stays silent. Adithya says he should get his punishment. Imlie asks she doesn’t as to why he is not trusting her.

Malini comes there and says that the argument won’t end like this. She says that till she is here she will do this and she doesn’t want her here. And says now she will leave and asks Adithya not to stop her. Adithya says they have talked about this before and he don’t want to talk about this again. Adithya tells her that she is his friend and will stay his friend forever. Adithya says he wants to do something to clear the confusion. He asks to final their divorce and will complete the formalities tomorrow. And he will be assured that she will get to live the life she deserves and once they gets divorced and his marriage with Imlie gets registered these won’t happen and leaves from there. Malini asks her whether she is happy and whether she thinks she has won. Imlie asks her to stop playing this. Malini asks her not to fly and the game doesn’t end and only begining of the game hence there will be big plans and asks her to watch out and leaves from there.

Anu asks Malini to do something big. Malini fumes while Anu instigates her to do something so that she wouldn’t get her husband snatched away by Imlie. Malini fumes and gets ready to do something. She comes to Imlie and gets the offering from her. She takes it to serve everyone. Imlie gets surprised by her behaviour but notices some chemical bottle inside the dustbin.

Malini on the other hand serves the offering to everyone including kids saying that it was made by Imlie. Imlie snatches all the offerings back from guests without letting them eat it. The guests gets angry on Aditya’s father and leaves upset for their insult. Aditya’s father pleads them to forgive him but they didn’t pay heed. Aditya’s father asks Imlie what’s she doing for which Imle says that Malini has poisoned the food. She turns to Malini and says that she never thought her madness will go to an extent to even poison the kids. Anu lashes out at Imlie for such a big accusation when Malini asks why would she do that. Imlie says it’s because the offering is made by her and she wants to blame her. Malini says she will prove her wrong and takes the offering and haves it herself. Imlie gets shocked when Malini says that nothing happened to her. The whole family looks disgusted at Imlie.

Malini asks how could she blame her on something so big just because she didn’t like her returning back to the home. Imlie looks shocked when Aditya scolds Imlie for her act. Aparna says that she regrets the day Imlie came to the house. Aditya asks Imlie to apologise Malini but she didn’t. Aditya’s father says that they are facing insult after insult every day and leaves. The family says that they lost even the last sympathy they had for her. Aditya is upset too that Imlie didn’t apologise.

Imlie cries wondering that whether she actually hallucinated when Malini comes there and says that she didn’t. Malini says that she saw what she wanted her to see. She will say that she didn’t mix the thing in the bottle in offering but in juice.

Imlie asks what did she mix for which Malini asks her to see herself as everyone already drank it. Imlie rushes there and finds everyone intoxicated. Rupy in her inebriated state expresses hatred for Malini for which Malini says that the feelings are mutual. Imlie cries seeing their state and asks why she did this. Malini says that she punished her for taking her place in stage. Malini says she snatched her husband from her and now she will do the same. Imlie reasons that she’s his first wife. Malini asks then why didn’t she say that before marriage. She asks why they played with her feelings. Malini says in front of everyone that she still loves Aditya and wants him back in her life. Everyone didn’t mind it in their drunken state. Malini says they won’t remember it the next day. Imlie looks shattered.

Malini spikes everyone’s drink and they get drugged. Later Imlie tries to save Aditya but the latter drinks the juice and acts insane in intoxicated state. Malini takes advantage of the situation and she spends night with Aditya. Imlie gets shocked to see that and she breaks down to tears. Aditya gets confused as he can’t remember anything. Malini taunts Imlie saying she snatched Aditya from her and she acts innocent in front of Aditya.

Aparna blames Imlie saying she only spiked their juices. Imlie tries to expose Malini but noone believes her including Aditya. Malini convinces everyone with her acting. Anu starts her melodrama in Tripathi house saying Malini’s life is ruined and she can’t show her face to the world so Aditya has to accept her as his life. Aditya explains to Imlie that he only loves her and he can’t cheat her. Later Tripathis decide to unite Aditya and Malini when Anu pleads with Imlie to not force Malini to divorce Aditya.

In future episodes Imlie will hug Meethi and will cry saying how can Aditya cheat her like that. If nothing wrong happened then why is he supporting Malini.

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