In Conversation with- Belly Dancing Artist Sanjana Sharma 

Born in Delhi, raised in Mumbai, Sanjana Sharma has in a very young age achieved most of her dreams. After a decade of learning and teaching the art form in India, she has started her own Belly Dance School called- Belly Dance Habibi for students to learn and explore about this art form in its truest sense. We talk to this young, vibrant and graceful artist on her journey and what her inspiration is.

  1. You have been training for over a decade now, what is belly dancing to you ?

Belly dance is a true joy for my mind, body and soul. It gives me immense happiness. I feel like my truest self whenever I am belly dancing myself and teaching others. I have been learning professionally, training myself and teaching for more than a decade now. The experience of life that belly dance has given me is totally different being in reality shows, meeting so many thousands of people and teaching them, dealing with different kinds of people, students helping people understand what belly dance is, performing, traveling in India and performing for corporate events or wedding events. Belly Dancing is so much more than just dancing, it is movement therapy, it is a celebration of womanhood.

2. You have trained many Bollywood celebs,how was your experience working with them? 

Yes, I have trained quite a few celebrities and I am grateful to be able to do so. It definitely gives you more visibility and helps reach a lot of masses. I have always shared a very professional relationship with all my celebrity clients and watching them perform to my choreographies is definitely a big high in my career graph. 

3 You have your own belly dancing school now tell us more about it. What is your inspiration/ motivation?

My inspiration and motivation comes truly from my parents . I was born in Delhi and I was just 11 months old when we shifted to Mumbai and my Dad was working with a company. He eventually got into business and he owns a transportation business by himself, the way he has worked hard to reach here is commendable. To start my own Belly Dancing School, my major aim and purpose was to impart basic foundational knowledge of the art for students, invite international artists and travel to different cities to teach. The whole idea is to build a community who want to learn and explore this beautiful art form in its truest sense.

4. You have a very good sense of style. What is your style mantra?

I am that girl who believes in basic and comfortable styling. I have worked hard on my body because I workout, dance, try and eat well and as a performer I am required to look a certain way to feel comfortable in my own skin. I am very confident about how I carry myself and for me fashion is exactly that, whatever is comfortable is my choice. I will style it how I want to though. I design all my belly dancing costumes as well and I am still learning a lot through observing and meeting new people. 

5. What would you like to tell women/men who want to learn this art form?

To all the women,mens, and girls who want to learn this art form, take that first step- go join a class, do a workshop, just step into the class.. Rest will follow.  Whatever shape or size, doesn’t matter, young or old, wear whatever you are comfortable in, just show up to class. Trust your teacher, let her show you the way, but invest time and energy into this beautiful form. It is not just 1 hour of dancing to music, it is so much more. You feel so free when you let go and practice shimmies, it’s so therapeutic. I really do hope more and more women pick courage and try this dance form, if they find a calling for it. Have hips, will shimmy!