India Waali Maa 11th January 2021 Written Update: Kaku disowns Rohan

India Waali Maa 11th January 2021 Written Update on

Murthy asks Rohan if he is going home, Rohan nods. Murthy says he is going to a high-profile party and asks Rohan to join, many elite businessmen will come there, he will benefit from interacting with them. Rohan goes with him. On the other hand, Kaku is shouting for help as Hassu fainted.

Vasu goes to Chinu’s flat and asks why is she going to Delhi suddenly for a new job when they have own company. Her father is worrying about her. Chinu says its very unlikely, Hasmukh ji is the definition of how father should be, he cared for her when she is alone.

Kaku tries calling to Rohan but he doesn’t answer her call. Kaku calls Chinu but her phone is switched off. She tries to stop the cars passing by, few people on road stop and Kaku asks them to call hospital, ambulance. Hassu is admitted in hospital. Doctor says his condition is critical, body and brain got sudden stroke. Nurse gives few papers for Kaku to sign. Kaku stands still, nurse tells her to see fee details and asks if there are any people who can handle all these, their family members.

Rohan sees phone and tells Murthy he will make a phone call and come. He goes aside and calls Kaku, he says he is in a meeting, he has to increase contacts which will help him grow in business. He tells her to say it to his father that he can do everything on own. Kaku doesn’t speak anything, Rohan ends the call saying her to call after they reach Bhuj. Nurse gives the papers and Hassu bag to Kaku.

Kaku sees the paper where Rohan wrote all the payments made by Hassu for him. She tells the nurse she doesn’t have a son, she will handle everything. She signs the papers and is told to pay 1,45,000 rupees. Kaku asks for some time as she isn’t ready or prepared for this, they were going to Bhuj and this happened suddenly. Lady tells she will talk to higher officials and see, she gives payment details to Kaku, bank account number, can transfer online or pay cash.

Kaku sits beside Hassu and tells him to wake up soon, they both are left in this life game. Kaku calls to a man in Bhuj, she asks for some money, she and Hassu are coming back to Bhuj and will return the money soon. The man says he is making arrangements for his daughter’s wedding, he doesn’t have extra money. Kaku asks him to give money to their shop. The man says their shop is on the mortgage, he can’t give. Kaku says no, the house is on the mortgage, the shop isn’t. The man says Hassu kept shop also on mortgage recently to clear his son’s loan, he asks if Kaku doesn’t know.