India Waali Maa 12th January 2021 Written Update: Chinu gets an internship in Paris

India Waali Maa 12th January 2021 Written Update on

Kaku tells nurse that she doesn’t have money to pay hospital bills, she will give a suggestion, after marriage and after having children, don’t lose mind over love for children. Nurse says she understands but try to clear hospital bill soon, otherwise they won’t let patients be here. Chandraprabha calls Kaku and says she went to bank and saw the list of people who cleared loans, Rohan cleared loan, he is lucky to have good parents like them. Kaku cries and says she and Hassu are in hospital.

Chinu presents her designs in interview, they get impressed and ask in which institute she took training, Chinu recalls Kaku teaching her and says she learnt under best designer. Chinu is given offer letter for internship at Paris after which she has to work at New York office. They ask Chinu if she is married, Chinu says no. They ask if her parents have any objection in sending her abroad. Chinu recalls Kaku, Hassu encouraging words and says her parents are very encouraging and progressive.

Kaku tells everything to Chandraprabha, she says she thought Rohan changed, but no. Kaku says Rohan isn’t wrong, may be they are only wrong in overly loving him. Kaku says she asked her friend Tripti in Bhuj to sell her jewelry and transfer money, she asks Chandraprabha to give her account number as she needs a trusted person’s account. Chandraprabha agrees and tells her to ask any help needed in Bangalore. Kaku asks for a house, they are not going to Bhuj now as their house and shop both are in mortgage and doctor told to bring Hassu for regular check ups for 2 months.

Murthy tells Rohan many people at party were praising him. He sees Rohan MBA certificate and appreciates him for completing degree. Everything are falling in place. Vasu comes and says there’s a rishta for Meenu, her friend from USA sent it, boy is very rich and well settled. He is coming to Bangalore to attend a marriage, they will tell the boy to stay in their home, that way they can impress him. Murthy agrees. Vasu says Rohan is also becoming successful, Rohan, Chinu will also unite and both their daughters will get settled. Murthy tells Rohan about a big project and he has to lead it. Rohan thanks him, he will take responsibility and won’t disappoint.

Hassu gets conscious and Kaku talks to him, nurse comes and tells about discharge.

Chandraprabha tells Kaku she cleared hospital bill and 50,000 rupees are remaining and gives the cash to Kaku. Kaku asks her not to tell Hassu about selling jewelry.