India Waali Maa 12th January 2021 Written Update: Rohan, Chinu marry

India Waali Maa 12th January 2021 Written Update on

Meenu tells Chinu to meet Rohan, he is waiting for her. Chinu says she won’t meet, tell him to go. Chinu remembers her moments with Rohan and comes down with blanket, she puts it on him as he is sleeping on a bench in open. Rohan says he knew she would come, he asks what’s the problem, they will sort it out together. Chinu says she knows he will sort, but she doesn’t want to solve anything. She turns to leave, Rohan holds her hand, but she frees and goes home.

Rohan comes home and tells Kaku, Hassu that Chinu still loves him. Hassu asks if she agreed, Rohan says no, but she came down to cover him with blanket, it proves her love. He calls Vasu and asks for help.

Chinu is ready to go, she tells her family to take care, Rohan’s family come in. Chinu says its good they came, they will meet one last time, but they shouldn’t try to change her mind. Rohan says they came to send her off at airport. He says medical report won’t prove her fit for him. Chinu gets shocked. Kaku takes out Chinu’s reports. Vasu says Rohan called her and said to keep eye on Chinu, that’s how she found about these reports.

Murthy asks what’s happening, Rohan says Chinu can’t become mother. Kaku says children are important, but that’s not only reason for marriage and mother means not just giving birth, there are many kids who are orphaned and need family. Vasu says she knows the pain of not giving birth, but now she is wife and mother. Rohan sits on his knees and asks Chinu if she will marry him.

Chinu, Rohan marry in the presence of both their families. They take blessings of their parents.

Chinu excitedly tells Kaku that she tried to make basundi like her, Kaku tastes it and praises her. Hassu tells Rohan that they are leaving, their life is in Bhuj. But their blessings will always be with them. Kaku turns to leave, Rohan holds her end of Saree, Kaku turns back, Rohan thanks her and Hassu. He says he is getting orders, business is improving fast, he will soon free their house and shop. Kaku blesses him.

At Bhuj, Kaku is talking to Laxmi on phone about making pickle. Later, Hassu phone rings and calls Kaku to come, Rohan video called. Rohan, Chinu talk to them. Rohan says Anand Nagar people filled all their tax, now they are owners of their houses. Kaku feels happy. Rohan, Chinu say they miss them and are planning to come to Bhuj.