India Waali Maa 12th October 2020 Written Update: Rohan gets arrested

India Waali Maa 12th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chinu revealing the truth about Kaku and takes her along with her saying she deserves respect. After reaching home, Chinu asks Kaku, Rohan made her work by lying, he ignored her at a function like a stranger if she doesn’t get angry at him. Chinu asks why Kaku stays like a doormat, Kaku gives her example of Chidiya and explains about motherhood feelings.

Chinu rubs Kaku’s tears. Kaku says she always sees lines of worry on Rohan’s face ever since he returned from America. She wants him to smile so that she can sleep peacefully, its her selfishness. She thought to clear Rohan’s problems, but she messed up everything, they got ashamed because of her at function.

She will leave to Bhuj now, Chinu tries to stop her but Kaku gives her a box of 1 lakh rupees, she asks Chinu to give it to Rohan for clearing loan. She did her work and they have to manage themselves from now on. She also gives Rohan’s childhood piggy bank. She thought to give it to Rohan, but he didn’t have time sometimes and she forgot sometimes. She asks Chinu to donate it to the needy in the name of their future baby.

Chinu gets emotional. Kaku apologizes to Chinu for intentional or unintentional mistakes. Chinu asks if she should forgive her, the one who did so much for them. Kaku says she must have done some good deeds in a previous life that she got such a good daughter-in-law. Kaku packs her luggage and sees the house emotionally. She opens the door to leave and remembers the moments when she first came into this house. Kaku signals Chinu to take care of the baby by pointing towards the stomach. Both have an emotional farewell moment.

Vasu says Rukmini guests were talking about what kind of house they married Chinu into. They don’t know its completely Chinu’s decision. Murthy says what kind of person is Rohan, he fills his pockets by making his mother work. Meenu suddenly bursts into laughter, Murthy asks why she is laughing.

She says he always taught them one lesson since childhood, nothing is bigger than a name, reputation but Chinu made a joke of his reputation. Murthy says she is right, all this happened because of Chinu, so she shouldn’t do any sort of this. He bans Meenu from going to parties from today.

Rohan sees Kaku with luggage at the parking. He remembers how Kaku was made to clean the floor and how everyone donated her money. He remembers what all happened at the function and apologizes to Kaku. Police come and ask the watchman about Rohan. He points towards Rohan and police come to Rohan.

They accuse him of not paying loan and not lifting the phone. Rohan asks them to talk with respect. Police ask if he will teach them respect and takes him to police jeep. Kaku goes behind them to stop or atleast tell which station they are taking him. Kaku gets leg pain and couldn’t move further.

Precap: At the police station, Kaku consoles Rohan everything will be fine, police say its a defaulter case, he can’t be saved. They say the loan amount is not 1 lakh but 2 crores. Chinu also comes to the station.