India Waali Maa 13th January 2021 Written Update: Kaku struggles to find a house

India Waali Maa 13th January 2021 Written Update on

Chandraprabha shows the house to Kaku and asks how can she live in this small house, if there’s more time, she would have looked for better house, but rent will be more. Kaku says this house is fine, she will make it better. House broker comes and says deposit is 25,000 and rent is 6,000.

Kaku says its very price, Chandraprabha tries to bargain for deposit 15,000 and rent 5,000 but broker doesn’t agree and says another party is ready to pay 28,000 deposit and 7,000 rent. Kaku says she just needs a shelter, Chandraprabha asks her time till tomorrow, she will show good house.

Rohan sees Chinu’s photo and thinks about her. Meenu comes and offers him coffee, she got lemonade for herself. Rohan thanks her but says he drank coffee with her father just some time ago. She tells him to forget about Chinu, their partnership was good but she left.

Rohan says he tries to forget but he can’t. He loves Chinu a lot, there were always differences between them, on and off, but his love didn’t decrease. If anything bad happens, he fears he shouldn’t loose Chinu. Meenu says Chinu is lucky to have him. She spills coffee on her hand by mistake, Rohan cares for her, Meenu stares him.

Hassu takes discharge from hospital, Kaku says she didn’t get house yet and asks nurse if they can go to room again, nurse says room is occupied by other patient now and they can’t stay here. Kaku, Hassu go out and walk on street. Hassu sleeps on a bench and Kaku puts her saree on him as blanket. She sits and sees a family sleeping on road, she smiles.

Midnight it starts raining, Kaku holds pillar and stops it from falling. Morning, the shopkeeper comes and wakes up Kaku, he asks who are they. Hassu also wakes up, Kaku says they were in hospital and had no place to stay, they will leave soon, just waiting for a phone call. Shopkeeper agrees.

Chandraprabha calls Kaku and apologizes, she got tired and slept last night. Kaku says its okay, they will take the house they saw yesterday, they don’t have any option, she can’t see Hassu on road. Chandraprabha says okay, she will call broker and confirm and asks Kaku to come there, she will also reach there.