India Waali Maa 13th October 2020 Written Update: Kaku slaps Rohan

India Waali Maa 13th October 2020 Written Update

Kaku calls Chinu and informs that police took Rohan with them. Kaku goes to police station in Auto. Kaku asks security and constables where is her son Rohan Gadvi, no one understands her language Hindi. They speak to her in Kannada and asks if she knows English, Kaku cries and says she knows only Hindi, she finally goes inside and sees Rohan.

Kaku reminisces childhood Rohan asking why she feeds him Badam daily, she says it will improve his memory. He says his memory is already good and he will achieve lot of things after growing up and will show her many new places. Kaku feels sad seeing his current state. She goes near Rohan and consoles him, Rohan asks her to leave, he will come along with Sagar. He can’t face her as he is guilty.

Kaku asks how can she leave him alone here, he will come out soon. Police says Rohan will stay in jail for long time, bank sent recovery agent Chandraprabha to collect money, as she couldn’t do it, they allotted the case to police,  its defaultery case.

Kaku says Rohan didn’t pay money, but she arranged them, her daughter-in-law will bring full 1 lakh rupees and clear the loan. She asks police also to start process to release Rohan. Police says loan is not 1 lakh but its 2 crores. Kaku doesn’t understand its meaning and says they are mistaken, Chinu also comes and asks Rohan to tell truth, she didn’t know of his loan till today.

Rohan says he took 2 crore loan. Police scolds him for lying to his mother, Rohan asks him to talk with respect, he can’t touch him. Police tries to hit Rohan, Kaku shouts him to stop, she comes and slaps Rohan. She scolds him for lying, she again slaps him and asks what did he think while sending her to cook at his friends houses, she won’t know she is going as servant, he made her Bangalore ka Bai and Bawarchi.

Grocery bill, hospital bill etc were paid from her hard work, her legs, knees were paining but she still worked in the hope of paying loan and getting rid of this tension. She collected rupee by rupee and made them 1 lakh. She again slaps him and says its all her mistake, she should have slapped him in childhood when he did mistakes.

Rohan breaks down and asks her to hit him more, he did such thing which no son will do to his mother. Kaku also cries. Chinu leaves the place absentmindedly.

Kaku comes out and blames herself for everything, her upbringing made Rohan like this. She asks security men to congratulate her as her son is in lock up. She wonders where Kaku is and calls her. Chinu is walking amidst traffic reminiscing her moments with Rohan, she sees phone ringing but doesn’t lift.

A car is approaching her speedily, but she doesn’t see, car just manages to stop before her and Chinu falls down, a man comes out of the car and gives hand to Chinu, he asks what the hell she is doing here. She calls him Akshay and gives her hand and gets up, she cries, he asks what happened and makes her sit in car.

Precap: Chinu and Akshay come to police station, Akshay talks to DSP to get Rohan released.