India Waali Maa 14th January 2021 Written Update: Murthy gives Rohan a construction project

India Waali Maa 14th January 2021 Written Update on

Murthy says he has many business, one of them is construction. He gives a file to Rohan, Anand Nagar Welfare project, his marketing knowledge will help it. Rohan says he only worked in fashion field, he doesn’t have experience in construction field.

 Murthy says business man shouldn’t limit to one field, they have to always expand. He can earn much more in construction field than working years in fashion field. Rohan remembers Hassu rebuking him for not sticking with one branch, he chose arts first as science was difficult, then shifted to commerce.

Rohan says he will take the project to prove himself. Murthy says there’s a problem, people living at Anand nagar are not ready to leave the place, they are ready to pay compensation but people are not agreeing. Kaku, Hassu come to Anand nagar for new house. Chandraprabha, Kaku pay advance, rent to owner.

Chandraprabha gives balance amount to Kaku, Kaku worries how to live with this small amount, Hassu medicines, their livelihood. Hassu is walking on road talking to a person from Bhuj on phone, he is asking for money to buy tickets to Bhuj. Call ends and a person dashes with Hassu by mistake, Hassu phone falls down, he bends to take the pieces but faints, a man holds him. Kaku is searching for Hassu and asks a neighbor.

Chinu comes to her home and Murthy, Vasu feel happy. Murthy slips and Rohan, Chinu hold him from falling, their hands touch. Chinu says she came here as she promised Kaku, Hassu. She will leave in a month, Meenu asks where will she go, Chinu says Paris, she got an internship there and after that permanent job in USA. She goes to her room.

Rohan works on project and tells Murthy that there’s a loophole, people living in Anand nagar aren’t paying loans, pending loans are in lakhs for all families, so if they inform it to revenue department, people will have to sell house and pay the loan. Murthy praises Rohan for his thinking.

Kaku sees Hassu unconscious on road and asks people to bring water. Hassu gets up and a lady greets them, she asks who are they, Kaku says they came newly and tells house number, lady says she is living here since many years and tells the boys there to help Kaku, Hassu with luggage, they are playing games in phone and don’t get up, lady hits them with stick and they come and lift luggage. Kaku papers fall down, she bends to pick them, Rohan comes there.