India Waali Maa 14th October 2020 Written Update: Akshay frees Rohan from the police station

India Waali Maa 14th October 2020 Written Update on

Kaku sits outside the police station and sees Chinu coming, Akshay calls her gundi, Kaku says her name is Chinnamma, not gundi. Chinu tells Kaku that he is her childhood friend, he always calls her gundi. Chinu introduces them both. Kaku says she is in her tension and..he asks what tension a pretty woman has, she says her son Rohan is in lock-up.

Chinu says Akshay came to help Rohan. All go inside police station and Akshay calls DSP. Inspector asks what’s going on here, Akshay asks why did they arrest Rohan without paperwork, police say Rohan wasn’t lifting the phone, so they arrested. Akshay tells Kaku this is a civil case, can be discussed in a meeting, with no need for arrest. Kaku thanks Akshay. Rohan comes out of lock up. Akshay says he finally met The Rohan, Chinu told him a lot about Rohan. Rohan is unhappy seeing Akshay, he says unfortunately he also heard a lot about Akshay from Chinu, her best friend. Chinu tells Rohan, he is out because of Akshay.

Akshay says no problem, he is stressed. He offers to drop all of them home. Rohan says no thank you, they will manage. But Chinu asks Akshay to drop. Chinu, Akshay leave, Kaku also turns to leave, Rohan holds her Saree, he again apologizes to her but she leaves. Outside, Rohan sees Akshay taking Kaku and Chinu with him and Rohan also joins them.

Murthy is calling Chinu but she doesn’t lift the phone. Vasu says Chinu is very stubborn and egoist. First, she went to America without telling them and loved that loser Rohan. Murthy asks Vasu not to talk bad about his daughters. Vasu says she is their mother, she is also part of family. Murthy tells her to stop emotional drama and tells her to find a good Bharatanatyam teacher for Meenu, she shouldn’t go out of their hands. Otherwise, there is no meaning for Vasu to stay with them.

In-car, Akshay asks Kaku if this is the first time she came to Bangalore, she says yes and asks if he belongs to this place. Akshay says he is born and brought up here, even if he goes away, this place always brings him back because home is home. He asks what does she like about this city. She says vegetable bazaar, Dakshina temple, puja samagri, cleanliness and though she has a language problem, people here are always ready to help.

Akshay praises her, he needs people like her in his company, curious, ever ready to learn, enthusiastic. He asks if she is ready for a partnership. Kaku says she is from Bhuj and doesn’t know anything much. Kaku asks to tell about himself, Akshay says money, fame comes and go, but he values relationships be it with parents, friends, Chinu. Chinu and Akshay look at each other. Rohan sees them with jealousy.

Akshay says they are friends from school, one-day Chinu passed him chit, he got caught and Chinu hit him in recess. They became friends and he calls her Gundi. Rohan asks him to stop the car, they reached home. Kaku asks Akshay to come up, she will feel good. Akshay praises their home, Kaku asks what he will eat, she tells him to eat dinner and go. He says he came from a long business trip and is very tired, he will eat some other time. She asks him to drink at least tea. Rohan asks her to let Akshay go if he wants.

Chinu asks what’s the way to talk with guests, he says he spoke with honesty just like how Akshay proposed to her in the past. Akshay says he didn’t know Rohan was there. Chinu asks why is he bringing old matters. Rohan and Akshay have a war of words, Rohan says he is talking to the mother of Chinu’s child, Akshay is shocked and congratulates them.

He leaves. Kaku goes near parking and asks Akshay not to take Rohan words seriously, his mood is bad because of the police arrest, she thanks him for saving Rohan, he asks her not to fold hands. She says parents raise kids with a lot of love, when kids fight and use words like kill, parents will feel very sad. Akshay says sorry. Kaku offers him a laddoo, he loves it and says its a token for him to come to her, he will eat 10 laddoos next time, she says she will make 100 laddoos for him.

Bank people come to Hassu’s house.