India Waali Maa 15th January 2021 Written Update: Meenu likes Rohan

India Waali Maa 15th January 2021 Written Update on

Rohan comes to Anand Nagar and gets bad smell. Secretary greets Rohan and invites to come in.

Kaku, Hassu go to their new home, Kaku says now its dirty, it will become good once she cleans. There’s a room inside too. She starts cleaning.

Rohan tells secretary that tax is so high that people here can’t arrange money without selling their houses. So its better they sell houses instead of extending the matter. Secretary says its very difficult to convince people here to sell the houses, generations are living here, their kids and all. Rohan says this is the problem in India, people get emotionally attached with gutter. Secretary says today’s generation will understand this, but old people won’t agree, he asks to think, if his parents are living here, will they agree to sell. Rohan says his parents will never live in these kind of places. He tells secretary to convince people, otherwise Mr. Murthy has other ways to make them vacate houses.

Rohan tells Murthy he gave a chance to people, if they don’t agree, then they can take action, Murthy says his wish. Rohan asks for leave, Murthy tells him to eat and go, Rohan says next time and goes. Vasu asks Murthy when will he talk to Rohan, Chinu about acting like married people when Meenu’s rishta family come. Murthy says he will talk, may be Chinu’s mind will change by living here for a month.

Rohan meets Chinu downstairs and congratulates her on getting internship with big company. Chinu thanks him and says he isn’t arguing with her about going abroad, he took the news maturely. Rohan says he is not that bad, its good opportunity for her growth, he is happy for her. Chinu tells him to have dinner and go. Chinu sees Rohan eating and says Batuknath ji, his father also eats same way. Rohan gets angry, Chinu says he became so distant with his parents, he is doing wrong. Rohan says she doesn’t know anything what happened in past.

Chinu calls Kaku and asks if they reached Bhuj, it must feel good after being home after long time. Kaku lies and asks how is Chinu feeling in her home. Chinu says she is wondering if this was her home once upon a time. She says Rohan is fine, Kaku says she didn’t ask.

Meenu apologizes Chinu and both hug, they play videogame and Meenu says she heard her and Rohan talking so formally, Chinu says she moved on, may be Rohan also moved on. Meenu says so many years relation ended, she wonders whether to marry or not seeing them. Chinu tells her not to decide seeing other’s life, she can marry if she wants, or not marry if she doesn’t want. Meenu blushes thinking about Rohan and says she wants to marry.

Kaku sees lights going off and recalls Rohan teaching her to put fuse.