India Waali Maa 15th October 2020 Written Update: Rohan talks to Hassu angrily

India Waali Maa 15th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Meenu practicing Bharatanatyam, she slips and about to fall but Akshay holds her, she says she is supposed to be at an Open House party, but struck in this dance, Akshay helps her in acting like she has sprained her leg. Murthy says he thought to send her to the party but she can’t go because of her leg pain. He catches Meenu’s lie.

He welcomes Akshay and says he became part of Meenu’s lie as soon as he came. Murthy says nothing is good here, a lot of drama because of Chinu. Akshay asks him not to take tension, think about good things, USA deal is successful, they are ready to work with our terms and conditions. Murthy says Rohan made his mother work like a maid, Akshay says Chinu is sad as Rohan got arrested. Murthy says Chinu won’t take his money, he asks Akshay to help Chinu. Akshay says of course, he will help.

Kaku tells Rohan to pacify Chinu. He asks if Chinu will forgive by just saying Sorry. Kaku tells him to try and talk. Chinu asks Rohan if he will be struck with one incident. Flashback, Akshay proposed Chinu on phone, Rohan hears it as the phone is on speaker, Chinu doesn’t see Rohan and tells Akshay that she always saw him as a friend, she is with Rohan and they both love each other, Rohan is working hard to make her life comfortable, Akshay says what can looser Rohan do.

Chinu sees Rohan and cuts the call. Coming to the present, Chinu tells Rohan that Akshay didn’t know he was hearing, he didn’t mean to hurt him. Chinu says she left everyone and hurt many people to be with him. Rohan asks if she will be with him in the future also, she says, of course, she will be. She asks why does he lie a lot, he doesn’t feel guilty for making Kaku clean like a maid. She asks him to apologize Kaku.

Kaku is talking to Chandraprabha about how many zeroes will be in 2 crores. Chandraprabha says its all a game of zeroes, its very huge amount, and the bank won’t give time more than 6 months. Kaku is stressed and cuts the call saying she will talk later. She thinks of making food packets at home and sell and she will increase the price.

She can’t earn 2 crores through this, she has to think big. She feels she could have earned more if she is an engineer or doctor but she doesn’t know anything. Hassu calls her, she greets him, he asks why her voice sounds heavy, she says it’s because she mixed more ice in juice. He asks about Rohan’s loan, bank people came home and asked about their home, shop. He called Rohan but he didn’t lift nor called back. Kaku says she doesn’t know anything about this, she will ask Rohan and tell. She cuts the call.

Rohan heard all this as he stands outside the door. He comes inside and sees Kaku upset. Kaku gets video call from Tripti, Hassu is talking from Tripti’s phone. Hassu asks why she cut the call, she says its a network issue, he again asks about the loan. Kaku says Rohan took a loan to start a business, its common, he will repay it soon as his work will start. Bank people might have come for verification. Hassu is still not convinced and asks her not to believe Rohan’s words, she always hides her son’s mistakes.

Rohan always dreamt big being middle-class man. Rohan takes the phone from Kaku and asks Hassu to talk to him directly. Rohan angrily asks what’s wrong in aiming big, parents should motivate children, but he always discouraged and said to live like a middle-class man. Kaku shouts at Rohan and takes back the phone. Hassu is sad and says he will call later.