India Waali Maa 15th September 2020 Written Update: Chinu to not return with Rohan

India Waali Maa 15th September 2020 Written Update on

Kaku prays to God to make her win, she sees sleeping Rohan and smiles. She comes to the race and puts on badge. She calls Hassu and asks him to bless her. He asks for reason and wishes her. Kaku warms up and gets into the position seeing others. Race starts and everyone start running. Kaku is tired and is at last place.

She imagines Rohan cheering for her and runs with full spirit. She crosses many ladies and is going ahead in race. Kaku is at 2nd position now, she slows down as she want to win 3rd prize for 10,000 rupees. She holds 3rd position lady and tells her to run fast but ultimately Kaku wins 2nd prize. Prizes are announced and Kaku wins AC voucher.

She is sad and talks to 3rd prize lady that they can exchange their prizes as latter came 3rd as she had breathing problem. The lady says they have AC at home, she will talk to her husband about it. Kaku comes home and is tired. Rohan asks where did she go, they have to go to Chinu’s house. Rohan sees the shoes and asks why did she wear his sports shoes. They are very expensive. Kaku cries saying she lost, she shows the 2nd prize she got in race. Rohan laughs thinking she is sad as she didn’t win 1st prize.

Rohan says they shouldn’t get angry and stay calm with Chinu’s father. Rohan and Kaku come to Chinu’s house, Kaku gives khandvi to Vasu saying its Gujarati special. Chinu’s father asks Rohan about his future plans about baby, finance. Rohan says he has a business plan and many investors are interested, he has to finalize someone. He says he finalized Chandrasekhar. They sit to eat lunch. Chinu’s father calls Chandrasekhar and puts the call on speaker, he asks if he became investor, how much money he invested in Rohan’s business.

Chandrasekhar says he is hearing Rohan’s name for first time. Rohan’s lie is caught. Chinu’s father says he is not Chinu to fall for his lies, no one invests on a plan, people invest on a person, no one will invest on a liar like him. Rohan says he loves Chinu, Kaku calms him down. Kaku says Rohan always dreamt of touching sky since childhood, Chinu’s father says Rohan wants to use Chinu, his name for his business and he won’t let that happen.

He says Chinu won’t come back with them. Rohan shouts why won’t she come back, they can’t separate him from Chinu and their baby. Rohan says if I am liar, you are also liar as you stopped Mr. Shetty from investing in my business. Chinu tells Rohan, he can’t speak like that to her father. Rohan says he also has self-respect.

Chinu asks really, he said he will make everything fine but he didn’t. Rohan asks for sometime, he will make everything fine. Chinu asks what is her future with him. Her father says she has to choose one among him and Rohan. Chinu calls Kaku to come upstairs with her.

Chinu applies balm to Kaku’s leg, she says she observed Kaku suffering from leg pain since the time she came. Kaku blesses her calling bahu, Chinu says she is not her bahu, Rohan didn’t let her become. He ruined it all by his lie. Kaku says she can’t end relation like that.

She can’t choose one person because her relation with both her father and Rohan is equally important and lovely. She advises Chinu to wait for Rohan, give him sometime. They come down and Kaku, Rohan leave. Chinu eats Khandvi made by Kaku. Rohan and Kaku get happy seeing it from door.