India Waali Maa 16th October 2020 Written Update: Sagar to backstab Rohan

India Waali Maa 16th October 2020 Written Update on

Chinu asks Rohan if he went to apologize to his mother or fight with his father. She gets Akshay’s call and Rohan taunts her to answer the call of her best friend. Chinu goes away.

Kaku tells Rohan not to misunderstand his father, he didn’t scold her nor blamed her, he knows kids listen to mothers more than fathers, so he was explaining to her. Ladies have 3 relations, she is Hassu’s wife, mother of Hassu’s son, mother of her son. She has to balance all three relations. She says among three of them, Hassu has worked a lot for sending him to America. In return they are lying to him about marriage, pregnancy, loan etc. Hassu is a simple person.

Rohan admits he went off limits on call, he is guilty but his father was also scolding him, he always thinks of him as stupid, careless, he asks if they even know what happened with him in America. Kaku says she understands as a mother, he aimed for something out of his reach. Rohan says this is problem, he can’t be like his father, a house, shop, scooter. He has a identity and can’t be miser like his father who struggled to buy smartphone for his wife.

Kaku says he was miser to send his son abroad. She says aiming high is good but if one leaves everything behind, what is the use. Becoming big and pretending as big to world is different. Rohan calls Sagar and asks to meet, its time to show who Rohan Gadvi is, if he is struck in life, it doesn’t mean anyone will judge him. He is going out and delivery boy comes and gives ice cream. Rohan says he didn’t order. Chinu gets Akshay’s call, he ordered it as anger or sad, ice cream is mood changer.

Chinu says it was not needed and disconnects the call saying she will talk later. Rohan gives ice cream to Chinu, he tells to put it in fridge as it will melt and overflow. He goes down and receives flower bouquet he ordered for Chinu, but he throws it in dustbin. Chinu gives icecream to watchman and tells to distribute among themselves. Kaku sees I and asks Chinu if she will eat anything but Chinu leaves without answering.

Kaku calls Hassu, it says engage, she messages him that she fell down. He calls her immediately, she says she didn’t fall down. She tells him to open a cupboard, he does the same, photo album falls down. He sees Rohan’s childhood pics and sadly says he didn’t know when he became zero in his son’s eyes. He asks Kaku to forgive him, if Rohan needs money, he will sell shop and give. Kaku says there’s no need of selling. She says he always performed his duties as father.

Rohan tells Sagar that his father also scolded him now, he didn’t do anything for his parents or Chinu, he even made his mother work, he did wrong and he has to turn it around now, he has to prove himself to his father. Sagar gets Murthy’s call and goes away and talks.

Kaku tells Tripti to sell her jewelry and send money to Bangalore and keep it secret from Hassu. Tripti asks what’s the need to sell jewelry, Kaku says Rohan need money to start business.

Murthy tells Sagar that Rohan and Kaku troubled him a lot. He wants to send them out of Bangalore. He will offer him huge money for that.

Precap: Kaku talks to jeweller on video call, he asks what is the need to sell jewelry