India Waali Maa 16th September 2020 Written Update: Chandraprabha gives some more time to repay loan

India Waali Maa 16th September 2020 Written Update on

Rohan calls his friend Sagar and asks if he is sure he will get him an investor. Sagar assures him and tells him not to talk about this matter to anyone. He tells Rohan to meet at a coffee shop. Rohan meets Sagar at cafe and says he needs loan urgently, is he sure he can get an investor. Sagar tells to leave it to him and relax.

Bell rings and Kaku sees from the peephole that Chandra Prabha came to take money, she doesn’t open, the lady shouts they took 24 hours time but didn’t return money. She says she will come again and leaves. Kaku feels guilty and comes down near parking and talks to the lady, she holds Kaku’s hand tightly.

Kaku requests her for more time, she says Rohan is starting new business, he will return money soon, if she sends him jail, how can he return money. Lady gets a call from her son, she scolds him for wanting to go to party and tells him to study for exams. Kaku asks her to put phone down and tells her to permit him to go to party, but tell him that party dress is spoiled or torn or is in laundry and tell him to wear his father’s shirt.

She says the same to her son, but her son says its better not to go to party than going there wearing his father’s dress. Kaku and the lady laugh. Kaku asks if her son is 12 or 13 year old, in this age children want to look good. Both bond over their sons. Kaku says she was feeling shame for closing door, but she couldn’t show her face as she is unable to pay money.

She tried a lot to arrange money and won running race. But she won 2nd prize, she takes her to 3rd prize winner house and asks 10,000 rupees. She says she would have given money but she spent them in party and shows few women drinking and eating at their home.

Kaku wonders 10,000 rupees was spent just like that. Kaku gives AC voucher to the investor lady, she says u can sell it and subtract this money from the loan. She asks how much more money she has to pay. Chandra prabhas doesn’t take voucher. She tells to know loan amount from Rohan. She will give some more time for her sake not for Rohan. She tells Kaku to take care and leaves.

Rohan comes home and becomes emotional remembering his lovely moments with Chinu. He messages her in kannada. Chinu gets emotional seeing his message and asks him why he lied, he ruined everything, she won’t talk to him. Kaku sees his tears and calms him down. She says that she spoke to Chandrapabha and convinced her to give some more time.

Rohan asks why did she talk to her even though he denied. Kaku asks so what, she helped him in the end, he has some time now to return money. Rohan asks what magic she did to Chandraprabha, how did she agree. He asks if she mistook her words or she really agreed.

Kaku is hurt and says maybe she is not that educated, she is not clever like him, but she is a mother and knows how to handle these situations. She learnt life lessons. She gets him mango shake to cheer him up. He says mango shake has high calories. He starts making green tea.

Kaku reminds him of childhood days and convinces him with her moral lecture. He enjoys milkshake and says it is as tasty as before. She advises him to convince Chinu and bring her back home. She asks how much loan he took from Chandrapabha.